Eris and Bally's Chattanooga Vacation

Chattanooga Deep Freeze
Part I

The first day in Chattanooga, the weather was terrible, 40 degrees out and a brisk wind making it even colder. The "indoor" show turned out to be in a covered pavillion, call that a wind tunnel. We left as soon as Bally was done showing.
Bally and Eris visit the Chattanooga Choo Choo

We had planned to visit some of the attractions around Chattanooga, particularly Rock City and Ruby Falls, but with the weather as bad as it was, we had to settle for a quick trip to the trains. We were freezing and didn't stay for long. Luckily, the train was just a few minutes from the show site.
Bally and some of the other trains

Since it was too cold to do much of anything, after our visit to the trains we went back and relaxed at the motel. Ah, the rough life of a show dog!
While Eris snarfed,Bally slept.

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