Eris and Bally's West Virginia Vacation

Beckley Civil War

Eris and Bally's latest vacation took them up into the mountains of West Virginia's coal region. Beckley is a major center of coal production and also home to an old tuberculosis sanitorium. We had planned to visit an exhibition coal mine, but didn't have enough time. Instead we went to Tamarack, a state run arts and crafts center.
Bally and Eris outside Tamarack

Dogs weren't allowed into the building itself, but we were able to wander around outside and view the civil war reenactors who were set up outside.
Bally and Eris visit the union side

Tamarack had lots of great arts and crafts, including glass ware, a large selection of pottery, carved items, woven baskets, quilts, jewelry and other items. We bought a pottery mug and a woven baskets.
Bally and Eris sniff around the union camp

For more information, visit Tamarack's web site:

The Best of West Virginia
Bally and Eris visit the Confederacy

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