Beaufort Beach Vacation
Hunting Island State Park

Following the first day of judging at the Beaufort Kennel Club we all loaded up in the car and went in search of a beach.  We originally planned to head to Fripp Island, about 15 miles away from Beaufort, but it is a private resort.

Luckily, on the way we passed a sign that said "beach access".  We turned in and when we arrived at Hunting Island,  we found a wonderful park that allows dogs!

Bally and Eris enjoy the wind

We only stayed at the beach for about 45 minutes, as the sun was starting to set. Bally and Eris both went out into the ocean and had fun posing for pictures.

Bally poses by the water's edge

Hunting Island is a very interesting looking place as the forest comes up almost to the edge of the ocean.  The forest itself is a combination of slash pine and saw palmetto and really does not look like anything I've ever seen before.  The road through the park to the beach winds through the strange looking forest.

Both dogs would go out into the water a bit, but when the waves came in, they both jumped out quite surprised. Bally finally got the hang of the waves, but Eris decided she didn't like them at all. She amused herself by romping around on the hard packed sand.

Goofing off after the show

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