Eris and Bally's Pedigree Pages

This section provides links to pedigrees for some of Eris's and Bally's ancestors.  The eventual plan is for as many of the pedigrees as possible to include photos of the indiviudal dogs.  The much of the initial pedigree research for this section was done from information provided by Eris's and Bally's breeders:

L. Sue Rooney-Flynn (Elessar)
Francis S. Broadway (Odi et Amo)
William T. Flynn (Silvershadow)

Many of the pictures used on this site and some of the pedigree information comes from The Classic Saluki. Many thanks to Sue Ann and Marilyn for putting out such a wonderful magazine and to Sue Ann for not being upset that I am scanning in all the photos from her magazine! Anyone who is interested in salukis needs to read ALL the issues of this wonderful magazine. The historical features are great for anyone interested in the history behind the dogs we have today.

Other sources that were used in doing the research include: Saluqi: Coursing Hound of the East, SCOA Yearbooks 1986 and 1989; ASA Caravanserais 1927-1977 Champions, 1968 Champions, 1972 Coursing and Obedience, 1973 Brood Bitch, 1975 Stud Dog, 1979 Brood Bitch, 1977-1987 Champions, 1990, 1995 and 2000; Saluki Champions: 1952-1989; The Saluki In History, Art and Sport; Saluki: Companion of Kings; and issues of the ASA Newsletter, Saluki Quarterly and Saluki Heritage. Special thanks to Peter Van Arkel, Joy McFarlane, Elrena Stadler and Astrid Soechtig in Germany for the additional pedigree information.

The html pedigrees themselves were created using the excellent Wincanis Pedigree Program.   At present this page contains links only to pedigrees on this site.


Pedigrees Currently On This Site:

Dogs Behind Eris, Bally and Mari

Andi Sahara Sheherazade
Andi's Gaea of Rafelda
Ch Azali Farouk of Pine Paddocks
Ch Branwen Hanna
Ch Burydown Josepha
Ch Elessar's Zeus Odi et Amo
Ch Enchalla's Ahmadon Puca
Ch Hightower Fanfaronade
Ch Hightower's Sveng-Ali of Zepha
Ch Kesari Asad Gamyl
Ch Kesari Talg Bel Lel
Ch Odi et Amo Atlas FCh
Ch Odi et Amo Iapetus Bandera
Ch Odi et Amo Mnemonsyne FCh
Ch Odi et Amo Rhea
Ch Odi et Amo Terra Ombre
Ch Rafelda's Feron of Sheik Saeer
Ch Rafelda's Moonraker
Ch Rafelda's Pairika
Ch Rafelda's Terra
Ch Sakkara Arabesque
Sakkara Tequil
Treu von Sheik Saeer
Ch Warm Valley's My Pharaoh Lady

Dogs Behind Bally and Mari

Ajita Farouk of Pine Paddocks
Ch Azila Farouk of Pine Paddocks
Ch Az Bahja Jedda on the Red Sea
Ch Bahja Laetare
Ch Isle-End Magnolia McShaggitz
Ch Isle-End's Merideth
Ch Kesari Baga Latyf
Ch Kesari Sadid Mezrar
Ch Mazuri Angel of Pine Paddocks
CH Marcoleyn Isle-End Aglaia
Ch Odi et Amo Amber Elessar
Ch Omara Farouk of Pine Paddocks
Pine Paddocks Aliyha Farouk
Pine Paddocks Ch'Amon Farouk
Ch Pine Paddocks Ebony Falcon
Ch Pine Paddocks Farouk el Saraje
Pine Paddocks Ptolemy Farouk
Samantha of Cristedacar
Sumeru's Lockni Yani Macksons
Ch Taqr Az Bahja
Ch Warm Valley's Niki of Macksons
Ch Warm Valley's Shaggitz
Wildebras von der Oranje Manege

Generally Useful Pedigrees
Ch Akbar Tirzah of Pine Paddocks
ENG Ch Burydown Barak
ENG Ch Burydown Freyha
Burydown Uki
Ch El Zolario
Ch Jelfreh Val Malik CDX
Mihjan Kodama
Mazuri Kiraben
Mazuri Knightellington George
INTL Ch Mazuri Orno
ENG Ch Sakkara Sindebad of Shammar
Sari Glaukopis
Seglawi Jiffa
Sheba Mazuri
Solomon of Shammar
Ch Springtime Sharazad
Warm Valley's Beloved Infidel
Ch Warm Valley's Sahara Sue
Ch Windswift Feisul

For more pedigrees relating to Eris's and Bally's relatives please visit their kennels' homepages:

Odi et Amo- Elessar -Eris's and Bally's breeders
Silvershadow -Eris's niece Nike's breeder

For more saluki pedigrees, especially European salukis, check out these web sites:

FALAPA Pedigree PageSaluki Gazelle Hound Pedigree History
Saluki Photo ArchiveFinnish Saluki Club


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