This site is dedicated to my boyfriend Sam, for he is the one who bought me my first rat. Christmas 2001. Ever since then i grew fond of these wonderful pets. Thank you!
Welcome to Erika's Rat Page! In this page you will find such information as proper care of these friendly companions, breeding, your pets diet, types of breeds, etc. I will also have a section of my own babies, with bios and plenty of pics. Well i hope you find all the info you need on this page. **On a side note I will have babies for those who are interested in adoption. The right pet for the right home is my motto.
Pet Owner's Creed
By:Craig Schumacher
We love our small friends--we value their lives. We will not knowingly sell, or allow them to be used as food for other animals.
We understand their value goes far beyond the dollar.
We will meet all of their needs.
We will breed with care, being responsible to limit their numbers, spending the time required to achieve the best pets possible.
We realize that some "Show Quality" animals will result. This is a by-product rather then a goal. In this way the rats dont pay for their lives for our ribbons.
If you have any questions at all about these pets or questions about this site please feel free to e-mail me just click the contact button right above thanks--Erika
If you dont find the information you need on this site here are a few links to other web sites all about your pet rat!
Rat & Mouse Club of America
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