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Emek Hefer Choir
Conductor Shimon Levtov
Shimon Levtov
is the conductor and musical director of the Emek Hefer Choir since 2000.
He was born in
St Petersburg, and started his musical carier as a boy singing in the famous
"St Petersburg Boys Capella".
He received his
M.A. in choral conducting, at the Rimsky -Korsakov State Conservatory.
Completing his studies Mr. Levtov was appointed
Head of the Choir Conducting Department, at the College for Music Teachers, and was also the conductor of the school’s choir.
In 1990, the conductor Levtov came to Israel with his family, and is involved since in many choral activities.
He conducts a mixed choir of  80 youth, a Women’s  choir
“Vocalize”,  and he is a teacher in the School of Choral Arts in Tel Aviv.
Under Mr. Levtov  conduction, the Emek Hefer Choir repertoire was enriched with classical works of Vivaldi, Verdi, Rossini Dvorak, the Russion composer Taneyev, and Israeli composers like Brown, and Ben-Haim.
Mr. Levtov places special emphasis on voice and sound production. The rehearals are conducted in a very unique balanced of disepline, precision and humor with a remarkable outcome.
Mr. Levtov has succeeded through his tuition and attention to details in bringing the choir to were it is now.
Shimon Levtov is today a leading choral conductor in Israel, conducting "Vocaliza" choir as well as "Yoav Choir".
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