Greetings, explorer...
You have found your way into the world that moves within you...

by eleelove
c. 2002-2004.

explorers have discovered

~...This is a place where clouds slip past the moon
As dawn turns to day,
Where raindrops turn to snowflakes,
And blue skies fade to grey.
Where you tango with the treetops
As they flutter in the breeze,
Where the same thing that tortures,
Can be the only thing to please...~


-with the exception of animated clip art, and unless otherwise noted, all backgrounds, photos, graphics, written works and signed art pieces included on this entire site are my creations and my property.
Please do not use or post them elsewhere without my permission.
c. elyzsia 2004.

If you have any questions, comments, or requests, please contact me at

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