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Calla at her 15th birthday party!

In Memory of
Synergold Calla Canadensis
Therapy Dog Certified
Oct. 13,1989-April 25, 2005

Calla crossed over to the Rainbow Bridge Monday, April 25, 2005. She was
15 years young. Calla had a great will to live and overcame her aging
difficulties with grace. She finally succumbed to kidney disease.

Calla was a special dog from day one. I will never forget the call I received
October 14, 1989. It was Susan; she stated her and Ed would not be able
to attend Jerry and my wedding. The excuse was they were whelping a
litter of puppies. That sounded like one of the best excuses
I could have heard.

Calla joined our family seven weeks later. It was the best wedding memory
we could have had. Calla's Canadensis in her name was from the
town we visited on our Honymoon. Thank you Susan and Ed.

Golden Retriever

Our family at this time, was Brandy a six-year-old golden retriever and Roxie our
cat.Calla was not welcomed with open arms "paws." Brandy was an only dog
and could not understand why this pest had joined our quiet family. He told
her in only a dog way can that she was not welcome on day four. With an
emergency trip to the vets and many stitches later, Calla's outgoing
warm spirit prevailed. Except for the soft mush she has to eat for a
couple weeks she was no worse for wear. Brandy never looked
cross at his little sister again and they became best friends.

Calla introduced us to the world of breed shows. We decided obedience was
more of a liking to both of us. I was in more control of how we actually did.
Calla earned her CD and then went on to earn her CDX. She had a small
problem with concentration in the ring at the heel exercise. She would
have a habit of leaving my side and visiting the judge just once
during the exercise. The people watching would get a kick out
of her. She lost heeling points, but always came back so
would still qualify. Calla lived her life this way. Always
wanting that extra affection someone may have for her.

Golden Retriever

Calla became a mother for the first time March 26, 1992. She was the proud mother
of eight puppies and six squeaky toys. Calla thought the toys needed her more
than the real puppies. We had a rough four days, but she caught onto
motherhood and gradually started weaning her squeaky toys and
took wonderful care of her puppies. Calla went on to be a
mother to three more litters of beautiful puppies.

She was way too young to retire at the age of eight years, Calla entered the
agility scene. I had started her daughter, Laine in agility class for her to gain
more confidence in the show ring. Well, Calla never looked back. She loved
the agility ring. Now she got to visit the ring crew too. Calla went on to
earn ~twenty Agility titles.

Golden Retriever

Calla also was a Certified Therapy Dog. What a perfect job for a people dog.
Although we have not used this to its full potential, we will try to get some
therapy time in with her daughters and granddaughter who are also
therapy-dog certified.

Golden Retriever

Calla changed our lives and we can never repay her for what our lives have
become because of her. The friendships we have made from one end of the
country to the other. The adventures we have traveled, the nationals we
have attended, and the list goes on.

Calla crossed over at a very good age for a Golden. Many of her puppies
were not so lucky. In many cases we have donated to the
Golden Retriever foundation. It's our way of giving a
little back to the breed that has given us so much.

A donation has been made in Calla's memory to The Golden Retriever Foundation.
If you'd like to find out more about them please go here
Golden Retriever Foundation
If you would like to make a donation go here
Golden Retriever Foundation Donations

Thank you so much for being part of lives. Thank you for the thoughts, the prayers,
the flowers, the cards, the memory books, the hugs, the phone calls, and the
shoulders to cry on. We appreciate all your love and support. Calla will be
greatly missed, but her legacy will live on thanks to all of you.

Nancy, Jerry, Laine, Deeva, Carlee, and Breezon

1. Calla's 15th birthday party 10/13/04
2. Calla 11/04 age 15yrs
3. Calla with puppy Breezon
4. Calla with her Grand-puppies, 4-01
5. Calla flying in agility at age 12yrs..

An eternal flame burns always for Calla!


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