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I've been involved in Golden Retrievers since 1983 when I obtained my first Golden
Retriever, Brandy.Although not of great lineage and dysplastic he hooked me on the
breed. He was neutered and entered the obedience world. He earned his CDX and
was trained through Utility. He never competed in Utility due to the jump heights.
He retired from official competing and did obedience demonstrations. He loved
to show off what he knew and was a real crowd pleaser.

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Golden Retriever
MACH2 ADCH Electralon Helava Good Time ADHF
Can Ch Gemstar's American Pie
Electralon Deevine Destinee

Breezon was born May 30th, 2003. She was one of 2 puppies. The two of
them made it very difficult to choose which one was to stay. She made it
known by 9 weeks old she was Deeva's daughter. She is very talented
and outgoing. She has taken on the agility world. She had competed in
AKC agilty for years as of fall 2011 she has been moved to the
Preferred classes with 4 inched lower to jump she can
continue competing in the career she loves.

Breezon earned her MACH title May 31, 2008 1 day after her 5th birthday. She
has made us proud. Early winter of 2009 Breezon was off 5 weeks later she
was diagnosed with a bulging disc in her back. After weighing pros and cons
of surgery it was decided that we would take the non-surgical route. This
would give her the best chance to be able to return to agility. She was
rehabbed from December 2009-April 2010. On May 9, 2010 she
earned her USDAA ADCH, Agility Dog Championship and on
July 17, 2010 she earned her MACH2, this is her second
Master Agility Championship. These are just icing on
the cake, to have her running with me when her
prognosis was so guarded is the best gift ever.

She has qualified for 4 AKC agility nationals and attended 2. Now
Breezon is just having fun, she will continue to compete
in agility as long as she wants to.

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Golden Retriever
Foxrun's All Fired Up At Electralon

Am. CH. Hillock's Meredreme's Kazaam OS
U-Ch. FoxRun's Music of the Night GCG

Chillin joined the family August 28, 2007. She is a Laine Great-Grand daughter and
a Calla Great Great Granddaughter, and grand she is. She is a confident problem
solver, a canine physical therapy assistant, and of course an agility competitor.

Her first job is her rehabilitation assistance. She greets each dog and owner with
her enthusiastic butt wiggle and toy in mouth. She demonstrates the exercises
for the dogs, or just lies next to them and comforts them when needed. Her
calming effect has allowed Nancy to work on these dogs that otherwise she
would not been able to. She entered the agility world spring of 2009. She
has earned several agility titles in AKC and USDAA. Chillin was certified
with the Canine Companions Assistance program and is now using
her gift to help put smiles on people in assisted living facilities
Companion Animal Program

Chillin has been bred to Woodwind's Sweet'n The Pot RA, RL2, CL1, CGC
Penuche talented Golden Retriever, He was invited to the Top 20 Gala
event at 2011 olden Retriever National. He competed in the veterans
division. He not only went on to win Best Veteran in show but also
received a Judges Award of Merit.

Puppies due at the end of April. If interested in a Golden Retriever
puppy please contact us for availability at Electralon@aol.com
Mom Chillin Pedigree Dad Penuche Pedigree FoxRun Goldens
Chillin is co-owned by Kathi Schapp of FoxRun

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Golden Retriever
Foxrun Stealin' Hearts At Electralon 12/29/2009

CH Woodwind's Sweet'n The Pot RA, RL2, CL1, CGC
U-Ch. FoxRun's Music of the Night GCG

Carson's Pedigree
Carson joined the family Feb. 22, 2010. Carson in true Golden character is a joy
to live with. He is sweet, happy go lucky and ready for whatever game comes his
way. With his very distinctive Dark Golden color he is keeping true to his
grandfather Jesse heritage.

Carson has impressed us with his willingness to try anything and everything.
He has entered the agility ring and to date has earned his Open jumpers
title and his Novice titles, Hard to believe he is in Excellent Jumpers. He
also went to the Golden Retriever National Sept 2011 in Conyers, GA.
He was entered in field, Agility, Conformation, CCA, and Rally. He
came home with 3 qualifying scores in agility, A new Rally title, a
Certified Conformation Assessment pass and had fun in the
WC test, no Q but we know what we have to work on.

Stay tuned for announcements on this very promising puppy.

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Golden Retriever
Electralon Once Upon a Time RA 8/21/10

CT MACH2 Hytree Strike It Rich CDX RAE MXF ADHF
FoxRun's All Fired Up at Electralon RE AX AXJ OF AD CGC

Oh what a Journey it was to get Jouney and her littermates here. now may
the Journey begin for her. She is energetic, intelligent, and most of all fun.
She has taken on the rally world. She earned her Novice Rally title at the
Golden Retriever Nationals Sept 2011. She earned this title with a
perfect score of 100 and second place, there were 8 perfect
scoring Goldens in the class. She is well on her way to her
performance career. She will debut in agility spring of
2012. Oh this is going to be FUN!
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Soundness is very important to me as a Golden Retriever breeder
since my dogs are working dogs and must be sound.

Therapy Dogs Helping People Nation Wide


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