Love is a great thing. The Greek word for love is αγαπη. To tell you the truth. God wants us to do everything in love. Love is patient and love is kind. Love involves a certain kind of submission. Both or each parties must submit each other. There is a whole chapter in the Bible that speaks of love. It is Corinthians chapter 13. This kind of love between two or more people is called mutual submission. Each party submits two each other. No party is over each other. In Christianity, no person is over another. Remember that. I will come back to Jesus' first command later, but I want you to look at his second command closely. He says that we are to: Love your neighbor as yourself. Now, look closely. He does not say love your neighbor and yourself too, he says love your neighbor in the same way as you love yourself. The truth is that we as a body of Christ are to bear each other's burdens because each of us know or fail to admit that we all do not know that we do not have it all. Therefore, no person can be above anyone. Each of us must work among each other. Now, since we are poor in spirit, we need each other to grow in Christ. We all need each other and we need the body. Now, as being temples of Christ, we need to love ourselves. I am not saying that we need to get all of the self-esteem in the world, because we do belong to Christ. As a temple and as temples of Christ, God also wants us to take care of our own selves in the same way. Because if you love Him, you'll obey Him.

Jesus' love:

   First of all, He didn't have to. If you read John 1, he is God, and he still didn't have to. If you read John 3:16, which many Christians are familiar with, it says that you are saved from hell if you are a believer. If you want the scoop, look it up yourself. Jesus came as a servant and he taught humility to the world. He was prophesied in Isiah 53. He died and came back and told us to fulfill the Great Commission. The Great Commision is basically introducing and bringing people to Christ. It is also protecting people from going to hell. Hell is a miserable place which Jesus Christ never wishes on anyone. I don't want anyone to go there. I bet it breaks his heart when one of his children is not saved and must go there. Do you know why God is a jealous god? That is because he loves his children deeply and he wants thge best for us. He wants none other. Here is my opinion of the Lord: he is a sweetheart. Choose wisely.

The love we need to have for each other...

   Short and sweet, we are a body; we need to express love for each other. No one should be less and no one should be greater. There is no 'somebodies' and there are no 'nobodies'. I'm going off topic but, we need to love the Lord with everything that we have. That is the first commandment that we have. That is our main assignment as the Lord. We as a body need to be one as a body and be as one in the Lord. We must love other. He says that we must also bear each other's burdens in Christ. We see the body in action. Every part in working together. When every part is working in harmony, we grow as a body. You will also see that the body works as a team and while they are doing that, they love each other.

   Now, just because you give love, you may not receive it back. But just keep on loving the certain individual. You will get credit for loving that individual, and you have to remember that 'Vengeance is mine, says the Lord'. I learned later in my life that 'No one has to be kind or nice to you, but if you keep giving them love, that all that counts'. Yes, praise the Lord. Think about what I just said, now Jesus told his disciples to imitate Him, right. He lived a life of love. Jesus could have destroyed Jesus Iscariot right at the table or he could have could angels of lightning to destroy those who opposed Him or he could have not have healed the man injured ear. He chose to love. That is what we need to do. Haven't you heard these couple of adages which say 'Do unto others as you would have them do unto you' and 'If you think you are big enough, are big enough not to?'? Jesus could have fought, but he chose to love instead. Now remember this, didn't God avenge Abel when it came to Cain? The truth is that He loves us and He chose us because he loved us and remember this, he didn't have to. Again, choose wisely.

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