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265 Performance Clinic
Welcome to the Dr Hemi 265 Performance Clinic.  These pages are dedicated to enthusiasts of the Australian Chrysler Hemi 6 engine.  You will find lots of useful technical information to help make your Hemi 6 faster and stronger. 
So who need's a V8 when you have a Hemi 6?
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Sunday 5th May 2002
  I am currently updating the Spare Parts and Race Pages. Work in progress. Check out the Race Parts page as 
T J's Wreckers, Chrysler Performance and Parts specialist, have moved to a new address.
T J's Wreckers 
E-mail: Tony Kamarinos
1 Attenborough Street,  Dandenong, VIC 3175
Ph. (03) 9706 0270  Fax. (03) 5996 7091
Sunday 28th April 2002
Welcome back Dr. Hemi 265 Performance Clinic.  The new web site address has changed. So please update your bookmarks with the following URL

In the future I will be posting more updates on the Dr Hemi VJ Charger Project. One of the updates may proving to be very interesting.... News about the Dr Hemi race head which has been reworked and flow benched at 500hp.
Stay tuned.

Saturday 22nd September 1999
  Back in March the Dr Hemi VJ Charger project started.  I promised you updates and as time permits I will have them here for you. 

First as a precautionary measure the race engine (1000 km of service) was pulled out of the car and disassembled for inspection.  We put in its place a stock 245ci (4.0 litre) Hemi 6 with the triple weber carbs and a manual 4 speed Borg Warner gearbox.  The car is still mobile and able to be driven with special permits for the repair and testing of the vehicle.  I hate to write this but there are so many repairs that need to be done to get the car back to a full road worthy condition for registration.  Registration lapsed a long while back. Why?  I must have been crazy!  Now, in my home state of Victoria we need to get a RoadWorthy Certificate and then pass a full on-site inspection at VicRoads office before handing over heaps of cash for motor vehicle registration.  More on the roadworthy preparation of the VJ Charger will come later.

The engine was dismantled and to our dismay, when the rods were removed the bearings were damaged from oil starvation.  The mains bearings all showed the same oil starvation damage.  The oil pump on visual inspection appeared to be fine.  I have heard of a modification to the hemi 6 oil pump using Ford Windsor V8 oil pump internals.  Many claim it improves both the reliability and supply of oil.  The engine has been put away for storage as the main goal is to get the car back into shape for registration.  I took a few snaps of the disassembled Hemi 265 engine.  Click on the engine pictures below for an enlarged view.

The Hemi 6 engine internals Closer up and you can see the R/T conrods and Arias forged pistons
Upside down Hemi 6 engine showing the main bearings

Ross and I want to personally thank Tony Kamarinos of T.J. Wreckers in Dandenong, Victoria for disassembling and inspecting the race engine.   We always go to Tony for the best advise on our original and performance Chrysler vehicles.


Wednesday 31st March 1999
  I have added more pictures to the SummerNats 1999 page

Monday 1st March 1999
 Its being a long time since I last updated the web site so I will make it worthwhile.  There are many updates to the web pages so read on. 

I have added a page with the recorded Quarter Mile Times for Australian built Factory Production Supercars (1967-1992).

Canberra SummerNats 12 was awesome and I have added more Chryslers pictures to the 
photo page.

I hope to have more updates later in the month. 

Tuesday 15th December 1998
  I have posted another Chrysler Australia Service bulletin detailing a rework to eliminate the hemi 6 camshaft end float problem.  In my opinion the rework is necessary if you want to stop the camshaft end float problem from causing erratic timing, abnormal wear on camshaft lobes and lifters and not to mention excessive wear of the camshaft/oil pump gears.
To make things easy, Hemi Performance in Victoria stock hemi 6 timing covers modified with the camshaft end float restraint. 
A final note, the Camshaft End Float Restraint is only necessary for the three bolt camshafts as they didn't have the cam thrust plate used with the late model one bolt camshafts.

Saturday 21st November 1998
  I have added a new page with a Metric/Imperial conversion chartaccessible via the tech library page.

Thursday 5th November 1998
Today I have added the fastest time cards I have achieved with a hemi 265 engine and triple webers in the Dr Hemi VJ Charger way back in 1991.   Check out the 1991 engine specs too. 

 I would also like to announce that my best mate, Ross McMillan, and I have started a new project to get Dr Hemi back on the street/strip to beat the previous best E.T. of 13.3 seconds down the quarter mile.  We intend to document the build up and post plenty of pictures. 

Come back soon to check for the updates.
I also encourage you to e-mail any questions so I can focus on the information YOU want.

Monday 13th October 1998
  I have added a torque specifications page for the Hemi 6 engines.  Now you'll know how much to tighten those nuts and bolts in your engine. 

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