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I have decided that you poor dejected souls need a list of survey sites! But not just a list of survey sites, since you can find that anywhere, but a list of sites which are: A) Active and B) Trustworthy.

I am primarily interested in sites that PAY MONEY. However, I will also list sites which give prizes or Amazon Vouchers. I am not going to list however, sweepstake sites (hello "surveyspot") or sites which give "nectar points". I want you to be able to get something out of this.

You have to be aware however that this hobby is not one which you can use in lieu of working. You will get very little money for your opinions, this is just a little pastime which will occasionally give you incentive.

This list therefore, is only for those who are willing to help surveying companies. Please do not use my list to find sites to exploit. We all need to be honest when taking surveys, otherwise people will stop giving us surveys to take. If you are under 18, or live outside of the UK I understand this must be frustrating, but it really is necessary. Sorry.

This list does not include active sites which UK residents cannot access.



Global Test Market has to be my starting point. It is probably the single survey site that has been responsible for the majority of my survey invites. They have an easy system, you collect points, usually around 100 for a survey. After 1000 points you can be credited, at a rate of 5 US cents per market point. this means that after 10 complete surveys you will have 1000 market points, worth 50 dollars (In my experience for the UK this means a long wait preceding £26ish.) That's good value for money eh? You also sometimes get 5 market points even if you are not suitable for the review (25 cents). I get a survey from this company about three times a week. Please email me if you feel like joining, that way I can get money out of you joining too. :> They are international. They pay in cash, in your local currency, sending you cheques. Under 18s accepted with parents permission.

OpinionBar is another survey website which is definitely worth joining. Although they don't send out very many surveys at all, it is possible to qualify for more frequent surveys (I'm on the Warburtons panel, for example, earning 50p a month for rating their bread.) At £10 one can request a bank transfer, which is simple and reliable. - Exemplar! They are UK based. They pay in bank transfer. Over 14s only.

Lightspeed Research Give out frequent survey invites, and are a good way to earn quick money. You collect around 120 points per 20 minute survey, and then you can spend it in the store (for me, paypal cash is the best option at 115 points for each £1 (minimum unit £1... You could be cashing your first paypal paycheque after only a single survey!) but you can also redeem points for more tangible items. I've never had any problems claiming rewards from this company. I get a survey from this company about twice a week. They are international (although this link goes to the UK site.) They pay in prizes (or paypal credits.) Over 16s only.

Juicy Brains Panel pays in Voucher. They do not run many surveys, but all of the surveys they do run are converted straight into £££ for you, which you can claim (in voucher form) as soon as you have £5. I myself have claimed a £5 Amazon Voucher within minutes from claim - usage. (Although it took me 6 months trying to qualify for all their £1 surveys each time they sent them out.) The juicybrains panel is actually somewhat frightening, in that a talking cartoon brain will ask you if it can juice your brain at the beginning of each survey, but the surveys are often worth doing. Please email me if you want to become a member. (As I get money if I invite you. ;>) Over 18s only. International.

Test and Vote Send out occasional surveys, perhaps one every couple of weeks. With each one you earn somewhere between 7,000 and 15,000 points with 10,000 points being perhaps £2.50. After six months of honesty I earned £10, although each survey is rather lengthy (especially those worth over 10,000.) "Quick votes" earn 15 points each, and writing articles and testing products can also earn you points. Various rewards are offered, the best possibly being HMV vouchers (60,000 points for £12) or Halford Vouchers (60,000 points for £12.) Tickets into the monthly prize draw cost just 1,000 each. International. Under 18s welcomed.

NFO Send out rare surveys. However, these surveys pay very well. Once I was sent £2 in vouchers (for most anywhere) from just a single survey. Almost certainly worth a look, but don't expect much, especially if you are under 18. They send vouchers, credit your paypal account, or give out prizes depending on the survey. UK Residents Only. Under 18s welcomed.

Valued Opinions do a lot of charity work, but certainly with some of their rare surveys you can earn money. Once you have £5 you can swap it for a Amazon, HMV, WH Smith, Boots, Tesco, Kingfisher, Argos, Marks and Spencer voucher or a donation to one of three charities.. Earning £5 on this site might take a long time however. (I'm stuck on £3:50 <::) They accept under 18s, UK Residents Only.

YouGov Is a company which does surveys that are generally of a more focused and professional manner. That is, rather then checking on how good an advert is, they will want your views on say the NHS. They run surveys now and then, perhaps once a month and you will usually get paid about £1 for these surveys. The only trouble is you will be paid by a check in the mail once you have reached £50. you can probably appreciate this may take some time. You need to be a resident in the USA, UK, or the Middle East. Open to under 18s.

Ciao on the other hand, is my personal favourite. is currently having big problems with its' surveys. It's started giving only 5/10p for 30 minuters, and this is in no way competitive! Don't be a sucker, ignore these surveys and Ciao will eventually have to move back to being as competitive as all the other survey companies! Surveys aside however, the site itself is wonderful. It is a consumer-based site, where you can compare prices on products all across the internet. You can also find reviews on millions of products, which members have written, ensuring some level of objectiveness. Once you are a member you can earn small amounts of money writing reviews. The other pulls are the Community - you can have lots of laughs on Ciao, and the Fame - having your review listed when a customer looks up a product.. influencing their decision in some way, that is a great pull for many. I have claimed money from here a few times, (and it's just a direct transfer to your bank account. You might expect from an average of £2 (average person doing surveys most days a week) to £15 (impressive review writer and survey-doer for hours each day) a month. It is international, and in 5 different languages, but you can only earn money if you have a UK Bank account. Under 18s accepted. They pay in pounds.

Spider Metrix Donít send out surveys at all but rather allow you to rate the sites you visit in their forum for a point a time. Once a week they also put up a new poll-question, which you can access on the hour, every hour 'till its full for... another 1 point. Finally, if you live in Australia or New Zealand you can access the polls worth 20+ points... After you have (70 or 80! :o) points you can begin to take part in the site auctions, or do a straight swap for paypal/charity money. Hard to see much reward for your effort if you dont live in Australasia eh? This company looks to define what the changing trends of the internet. This company is a very small, close knit one, and I'm kinda loath to even mention it, since thereís so much charm in its size, hence the font ;>

Can I once more re-iterate that it is important never to lie in a survey. We will only be asked to take surveys as long as we are honest. If you lie you may be conning millions of other survey takers out of future money.

I am sorry once again to those in America for my lack of information on your survey sites. To make up for it, and with something that all Survey Takers might want to take a look at, SurveyPolice, checks out the survey sites and tells you which ones you can trust. If you are interested in the Market Research business, you might also be interested in the I-Scan page, which equips you with a barcode scanner, and tells you to go forth and conquer all the food and soft drinks that you buy and are consumed anywhere outside your house, then send the information once a week. You then earn points which add up so you can buy prizes with them. UK Residents only, open to over 13s.

Other then that, have fun, earn money, and I wish you many hours of knowing what will happen on the market before your friends!

Any mistakes? Got another survey site? Email me!
Page created: 30/5/06.
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