Supernatural is a TV series that it is based in real-world folklore. Although this folklore is usually basic it can go straight over your head if you aren't familiar with it - and that leaves you missing out!

In endeavour to remedy this sad state of affairs, please allow me to present Draegi's Guide to the Legendscape of Supernatural! On each page the reader will find a brief overview of the folklore that the episode is based around as well as explanations as to how this folklore is used.

Of course, it's very unlikely that I alone will be able to find every legend which may have influenced any given episode, so if you have any additional information or pointers please Email me, and I'll add your information with a credit.  

Season 1

Episode 1 - Pilot
Episode 2 - Wendigo
Episode 3 - Dead in the Water
Episode 4 - Phantom Traveler
Episode 5 - Bloody Mary
Episode 6 - Skin
Episode 7 - Hook Man
Episode 8 - Bugs
Episode 9 - Home
Episode 10 - Asylum
Episode 11 - Scarecrow
Episode 12 - Faith
Episode 13 - Route 666
Episode 14 - Nightmare
Episode 15 - The Benders
Episode 16 - Shadow
Episode 17 - Hell House
Episode 18 - Something Wicked
Episode 19 - Provenance
Episode 20 - Dead Man's Blood
Episode 21 - Salvation
Episode 22 - Devil's Trap


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