evning, young surr tis only oi Zed e foremole ed of ee moles ere. So dosnt you'n getta worried oi is ere to show you'n round ee Salymandistron it is ee mountin fortris of: ee badger lord, the eres an more recently us'ns ee moles oi as been told that you'uns need some infermation on what ee should spect ere oi ave made you'un a gurt list:
bad beasts            gooduns
magpies                  moles
lizards                   mice
rats                     hares
weasels                 shrews
stoats                  robins
rooks                   eagles
crows                  badgers
swans                    hawks
wildcat                 otters

note there be many exceptions
tis Redwall abey with ee best food in ee world loike deeper n ever poi.
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