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An archaic link (not updated)
am I online?

Utopia (One and One)

The Canyon
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Reset 12/9/08

Important Archival Eventage

14/12/00 An archaic link (not updated)
Started making this site.

30/5/06 - 53 months since last update.
w0w, Its been an age hasn't it?
Still, I'll leave all the spelling mistakes for now...

New Stuff!

"This site is now a valid OpenID"
0o0 exciting! That means I can login to LiveJournal and loads of other blogging sites if they can get their acts together...
I've also just reset the counter, as it was malfunctioning. I tried to find a better design for a counter but I think it looked pretty cool the first time, so we're just back to 0 with no change.

Thanks to a little help from Azex, this index page is now fully HTML4.01 compliant... Even if it did take us all night! And even if Yahoo's little auto-advertisement code at the beginning and end of the document make me fail checks as well...

The "Dragon Court 2" game area is now up. See it here. It has a link to my review, a monster/item list, and even some Trump Cards!

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