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Will of John Graham

"In the name of God Amen. The 29 of July A.D. 1771, I John Graham being sick in body but of sound mind and memory thanks be to God Almight and calling remembrance the uncertainty of this transitory life and that all flesh must yield to death it pleaseth God to call, I do make constitut and ordain and declare this to be my last will and testament, in manner and form following revoking and annulling by these presents all former wills and testaments either written or by word of mouth, this to be my last and none other, I first recommend my Soul to God my Saviour and Redeemer, and my body to the dust to be decently buried at the discretion of my executors here after named and appointed, And as to my worldly goods which God hath granted me I leave and bequeath in the following manner Viz, To my oldest son Lanty I devise and leave my plantation where on I dwell to him and his heirs forever, upon his allowing my beloved wife her living off it with what stock she pleases to keep, also the said Lanty is to give six pounds to James Graham's son John, and six pounds to his brothers John's son also.

To my daughter Anne I leave thirty pounds besides my roan horse and chest drawers.

To my beloved wife Elizabeth Elliott Graham, I leave twenty pounds my bay mare, two cows her choice of the flock and all the house hold furnishing.

To Jane Lockridge I leave 15 pounds, to Rebeca my buckles and to her son John one cow, also.

To Robert Graham half of the mill that belongs to me, to my two daughters Florence and Betty ten pounds each, to my sons Robert and John ten pounds each, to Rebeca Lanty's daughter I leave ten pounds, and all the rest of the estate remaining to be enjoyed by my wife whilst unmarried but if married to be divided equally between my daughters Flory, Jane, Betty, and Ann, but if she never marries to be left by said wife to her four daughters here named at her death, also I appoint my beloved wife and my son Lanty Graham to be my executors.

I here by revoke all other wills and testaments, appointing and making this my last. In the 11th yr of our sovereign Lord George King of Great Britton & in the year of our Lord God 1771.

Signed Sealed published and prounced in the presence of

John Graham (Seal)

Joseph Romson

John Kinkead

John Armstrong

From: Jackie Kaney

Wills of Pittsylvania County., Va. 1820 - 1845

Will of John Payne Wr 2-19-1831. Pro 2-18-1833 Sons: William, John(in Ky) Dau: Elizabeth Watson , wife of John....Mary Rice wife of Joseph.... Sarah Curry wife of Israel. Mary Payne, dau of son William.

Exec: son William.

Wit: Lee Pritchett, Thomas Burnett, John M Lang.

Will of John Farley

Will Book 2, pgs. 296-97

Trimble County Courthouse Bedford, Kentucky

John Farley, deceased

Last Will and Testament

I John Farley, of the County of Trimble and state of Kentucky, post-office address, Milton, Ky R.F.D. #4, being of sound mind and memory, and realizing the uncertainty of life, and the certainty of death, hereby make my last will and testament in manner and form as follows: First, After my spirit has taken its flight I hope to Him who gave it, I desire that my body be buried in a Christian-like (though inexpensive) manner, and the expense of same be paid out of my estate. After this is done I desire that all of my just debts be paid out of my Estate. Second, After item first above is complied with, I will and bequeth all of my estate both real and personal to my dear wife, Mary Farley, her life time (or as long as she remains my widow). Should the said Mary Farley, my wife, marry after my death, I desire that my entire estate remaining at the time of her marriage, be equally divided, share and share alike among my children namely, Daniel Farley, Maggie Basher, Agnes Farley, Ada Farley, Alfred Farley, and Helen Lee Farley.

Third, As long as Mary Farley my dear wife remains my widow I desire that she have all revenue derived from my real estate, and use same to the best advantage for herself and family, as I know she will. She can dispose of such personal property as she deems best in settling up my estate and for the best interest of all concerned X I desire that my real estate remain unsold, until after the death of my dear wife, (if she remains my widow) and at her death the said real estate and all personal property remaining be equally divided between my children, above named share and share alike, same to be sold or divided in any manner my said above named heirs desire.

Fourth, I hereby name and appoint my wife Mary Farley and my son Daniel Farley executors of this my last will and testament, and ask the Honorable Judge of the Probate Court to permit them to qualify as said executors without bond.

Fifth, I hereby acknowledge this to be my last will and Testament revoking all other wills, codicils, etc that may have been written by me and acknowledge this instrument to be signed by my own hand this 2nd day of May 1914.

In the presence of [signed] John Farley M. Jackson Hampton

G. M. Tandy

State of Kentucky

County of Trimble Sct.

I, O.S. Joyce, clerk of the County Court for the County and State aforesaid certify that the foregoing instrument of writing purporting to be the Last Will and Testament of John Farley deceased was on the 26th day of February 1917, produced in open Court and offered for probate which was proven by the oath of M. Jackson Hampton, one of the attesting witnesses thereto to be the last will and testament of said decedent, and who also testified to the genuineness of the signature of G.M. Tandy the other attesting witness thereto. Where upon the same was adjudged and declared by the Court to be the last will and testament of John Farley, deceased and ordered to be recorded as such which is done according by together with this certificate in my offices.

Witness my hand this 30th day March, 1917 [signed] O S Joyce, Clerk

Note: copied from original and transcripted September 8, 1998 by Joy Mack.

Will of Joseph Farley

Will Book 1, pgs.156-57

Trimble County Courthouse Bedford, Kentucky

In the name of God Amen. I Joseph Farley of the county of Trimble and State of Kentucky do make this my last will and testament in manner and form following to wit.

First after the payment of my just debts and funeral expenses I give and bequeth to my Son Forrest Farley one hundred dollars and to my Daughter Francis Jane Duncan one dollar to my Daughter Pheby Wright one dollar.

Second. It is my wish and will that the remainder of my estate be equally divided among the remainder of my children and my beloved wife to wit, Amy Farley, John W E Farley, Joseph H. Farley, William Farley, Jemima R. Farley, Mary M. Farley, James Farley & Polly O Farley My wife.

As to my land I want it to be divided in Eight Equal lots between my wife and the last named seven children. I also wish my wife Polly O Farley to have the lot with the house on it. It is also my will that my two negro men be sold and the money to be equaly divided between my wife Polly O Farley and the following children viz. Amy Farley, John W E Farley, Joseph H. Farley, William Farley, Jemima Farley, Mary M. Farley, and James Farley. it is my desire that my son Forest and Daughters Francis Jane Duncan and Pheby Wright have no more of my estate than is willed them above and lastly I do hereby appoint W. Samuel Executor to this my last will and testament hereby revoking all other or former wills by me made. Signed Sealed and Delivered March 7th 1855 in the presence of att John E Farley

(signed) Joseph H. Farley

Daniel P. Rowlett

Silas E. Perkinson

State of Kentucky

Trimble county court March term 1855

A writing reporting to be the last will and Testament of Joseph H. Farley Dec'd was produced in court and proven by the oaths of Daniel Rowlett and John E. Farley Subscribing witnesses thereto and ordered to be recorded.

(no signature appears after this entry)

State of Kentucky

Trimble County

I W F Peak, Clerk of the County Court of the county afsd (aforesaid) certify that the within will of Joseph H Farley ___________ in My office and the above certificate is in accordance with a written endorsment there in and the order of court at the March term 1855 all of which hath been duly Recorded in my office. Given under my hand this 28th day of Dec 1863.

(signed) W F Peak, Clerk

copied from the original records and transcripted September 8, 1998 by Joy Mack.

From: Charles Muck

Will of Thomas Kincaid dated May 1, 1840

Bath Co., Virginia

Wit: John Stephenson, Adam Stephenson, William Robertson

Probated June 1840

Exec: brother-in-law Charles L Kincaid and friend Adam Stephenson

Beq: to daughter Jane bay mare, saddle and bridle.

To daughter Nancy a horse, saddle and bridle.

To son David all the horses in his possession, three in number.

To daughter Sarah a horse , saddle and bridle.

To daughter Margaret a bay colt, saddle and bridle.

To daughter Mary a young colt, saddle and bridle.

To beloved wife Sarah two slaves Phillip, and Vicey, as long as they are obedient, otherwise they will be hired out; all other real and personal property and any money equally to wife and daughters.

Will of John Kinkead dated July 2, 1801 Bath Co., Virginia

Wit: Charles Erwin, Paschall Davis, Alexander Taylor

Probated April 1813 court.

Exec: son David, wife Elisebeth and John Lewis

Beq: To loving wife Elisebeth all moveable property consisting of Negroes, horses, cattle, sheep, and hogs, household furniture, and plantation utensils for her life.

To sons Andrew, John, Robert, and James $5 with what they have already got.

To daughter Isable, wife of Thomas Kinkead $ 5 with what she already has.

To son William 332 acres in Fayette Co., Ky. On Eagle Creek To son David the part of the home plantation above Lick Creek to Bullpasture Mountain.

To son Ferdinand the portion below Little Draft Run and going to Bullpasture Mountain.

To son Charlie L. The rest of the land. His son Issac is " to have his living on my lands during His natural life".

Will of Elizabeth Kinkead (X) , wife of John. Dated Feb. 5, 1813

Wit: John Lewis, Alexander Taylor, Hamilton Benson

Probated April 1813 court.

Exec:. Sons David, Ferdinand and Charles L.

Beq: Negro Sally to live on the place with son. Charles L to attend to son Issac.

Cattle to son Ferdinand;to David Sally's son Jack; to Charles L. Negro Woman Lucy, and Negro woman Else already in his possession..

To daughter Isabela, Negro woman Milly for life, and then to her daughter Betsy Kinkead.

To son Charles L Negro boy Harry

To son Charles L for the benefit of son Issac Negro Man

George. When Issac dies, George is to be sold with division of the proceeds among David, Ferdinand, and Charles L.

To grand daughter Betsy, daughter of Ferdinand, the bed and furniture "I now occupy".

The rest of the household furniture and cattle to be sold to pay husbands legacies to the five children Andrew, John, Robert, James, and Isable. Any residue to be divided as follows: $ 1 each to Andrew, John, Ferdinand, and Charles L. Two cows are to be for the use of son Issac.

Will of Joseph ROYALL of Dale Parish Henrico Co Va

To Daughter Mary Farrer 6 silver spoons To Daughter Elizabeth Archer 6 silver spoons, silver porringer, 1 negro To grandaughter Elizabeth Royall daughter of my son William dec'd, a negro at 21 or marriage; but if shedie, then my grandson Joseph Royal, son of Richard Royall. To son John items and negroes To grandson Joseph Royall, son of Littlebury Royall, a negro and items To son Littlebury, 200 acres on Appomattox River , being part of the tract I gave him, plus items and negros, with tended land et al . If he chooses to live in the house I now live in; also part of Martin Swamp. To son Richard, all my land at Bermuda Hundred, and negros All rest of my estate devided among my 3 sons who are to be executors

Dated: 6 Feb 1747

Witness: Edmund Eppes , John Knobb

Recorded: April 1746

Will of Elizabeth Correll

In the name of God Amen I Elizabeth Correll of the county of Montgomery & the state of Virginia being of sound mind and knowing that it is appointed for all persons once to die do make ordain and constitute this my last will and testament in the manner & form as follows Viz. First I desire my body to be buried in a decent Christian manner and as to the worly property & effects that it has pleased God to bless me with. I give & devise in a manner & form following Viz First it is my will & desire that all my just debts be justly paid if any thing should be due at my decease-x I will to my daughter Ann BRIGHT my plantation in Montgomery County which I purchase from Jacob Eperly. Also one bureau, one folding table, one walnut chest , and one small dressing table & two feather beds & beding , & four large silver spoons now in her possession& also my block , and the ballance of my effects which may remain after mt desease I will to be equally devided between my daughter Ann Bright and my grandaughter Emily Beemer & my grandaughter Elizabeth John Baber, in and after the following manner Viz all the part of my estate real & personal herein mentioned & devisen to my daughter Ann Bright is to be at her own disposal to do with as she may think proper for her own benefit, but not to be subject to the disposal of her husband Geo Bright nor his heirs in any way Excepting so willed by my daughter Ann Bright nor is it nor any part of it to be subject to the payment of his said George Bright's debts in any way whatever & the part of my setate herein willed to my grand daughter Emily Beemer is to be at the disposal of her mother Elizabeth Beemer during her natural life to use in part or in whole as she may think proper, & after her death & after her death any remainder that may be left is to be the property of the said Emily Beemer.. and the part of my estate herein left to my grand daughter Elizabeth John Barber is to be at the disposal of her mother Fany Baber to do or dispose of in any way that she may think proper during her natural life & at her death the remainder of said estate if any remains is to be the property of the said Elizabeth John Baber -x It is not my nor will that any part of my effects which shall be left at my deces shall be sold but that a division be made of the same agreeable to this my will as herein directed by my executor herein appointed,, and lastly I appoint my son-in-law George Bright as my Executor to this my last will and testament revoking all others in testimony whereof I hereunto set my hand and seal this 18th day of October in 1830.


Ballenger Mays

George Beemer Elizabeth Correll seal

Ann Bright

At a court held for Floyd County at the courthouse on the 20th day of February 1832 This last will and Testament of Elizabeth Correll, deceased.

Will book A page 3 Floyd County, Virginia

WILL of Edward HOWARD will book A page 277 Botetourt Co Va

In the Name of God Amen. I Edward Howard of Botetourt Co being weak and sick of body but of sound and disposing mind and memory do make and ordain this to be my last will and Testemant hereby revoking all other wills by me here-to-fore. In the first place I gice my loving wife Elizabeth two cows, one of them has had a calf and is called Goodluck, the other is called Cherry. I give them to her and her heirs so as to be at her disposal. Then i give to my son Ezekial Howard two young cows with calf and two heifer yearlings. I give them to him and his Heirs forever. Item. I give to my wife Elizabeth a chestnut sorel mare and a bay mare. Item I give likewise to my said son Ezekial a horse and a two year old horse colt both bay. I give them to him and his heirs forever. Item I give to my said wife Elizabeth the bed whereon I now lie and the furniture belonging to it to be at her disposal Item I likewise give to my son Ezekial a bed and furniture. Item I give to my wife Elizabeth two hogs of the largest size and two pigs. Item I give the remainder of my hogs to my said son and his heirs . Item one third of all my household furniture and whatever else i have a lawful right to that I have not here spacifically mentioned I give my wife Elizabeth and the remaining two-thirds of them i give to my said son Ezekial Howard I give them to each of them after the same manner that i have given them all the other things to each of them and to each of their heirs forever In witness whereof I have hereunto set my hand and affixed my seal this 25th day of Febuary 1785 Signed, Sealed, Published & Declared.

his H mark

To be his last Will and Testament. Edward H Howard seal

In the presence of us.

John Howard

Charles Barnett

John Depew

May Botetourt County Court 1786 this instrument of writing was produced in court as for the last Will and Testament of Edward Howard decd' and proved by the oath of Charles Barnett and John Depew witness hereto and on the motion of Ezekial Howard the Executor herein named admitted to record whereupon certificate is granted him for obtaining a probat thereof in due form he having first made oath entered into and acknowledged bond in L200 acording to law.


D H Jewell's Will

Know all men by these presents that I, D H Jewell of Montgomery County , State of Virginia by profession a farmer, being in ill health and of a sound and disposing mind and memory, do make and publish this my last will and testament, hereby revoking all former wills by me at any time heretofore made. My will is that all my just debts and funeral expenses shall by my executor hereinwith named be paid as soon after my decease as he can by following directions hereinafter given. I give, devise and bequeath to my wife ANNIE JEWELL , all my real estate, personal property shall go to my children born of my said wife ANNIE JEWELL, to be held by them or their assigns fee simple. I appoint W H ALTIZER to be the executor of this my last will and testament, to take full control of any of my real estate and personal property at my decease, said executor to pay yearly my wife one third of the income of both real estate and personal , and apply all the remainder , after deducting his pay hereinafter named to the payment of my debts, and at any time if said executor shall deem it best, he can sell not more than two-thirds of my real estate for the payment of my debts , that is if the income will not meet my debts and in consideration of his trouble said executor is to have $____ yearly out of the income . Do this my last will & Testament subscribe my name and affix my seal this 30th day of July 1904


Signed sealed , published and declared by the said D H JEWELL as and for his last will and testament in the presence of us who at his request and in his presence and the presence of each other have subscribed our names as witness thereto.



In the clerks office of the Circuit Court of Montgomery County, Va. February 21 1905 A paper dated the 30th July 1904 purporting to be the last will and testament of D H JEWELL, deceased was presented in office before me by William H ALTIZER the executor herein named, and proven by the oath of the said William H ALTIZER and of W O ALTIZER two of the subscribing witnesses to the said will at the request of the said D H JEWELL decd' were together at the time of the execution, acknowledgment and attestation of the said will, and that all three signed their names in the presence of each other, and that the said D H JEWELL was of sound mind at the date of the said will, whereupon the said will is admitted to probate and ordered to be recorded. Teste:

GEORGE W NELSON dept. clerk

See the Family Outline of D H Jewell on my index page

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