This is a Copy of the Scaggs Cemetery given to me by my cusin Bessie Reed.

Listed are the ones with markers:

Peradine Scaggs b. May 12, 1841 d. November 3, 1924

Andrew Scaggs b. December 20, 1839 d. January 15, 1905

William R. Scaggs B. February 1, 1840 D. October 20, 1931

Dotha Dulaney Scaggs (wife of Jacob Taylor Scaggs) b. May 18, 1886 d, April 5, 1911 (Dotha was my granddaddy Harrison Dulaney's sister)

Mattie India Duncan Scaggs b. 1879 died November 8, 1956 (wife of Melvin Scaggs) has just a marker from the funeral home.

Others buried there without stones I have been told are:

Wilbert and Ocie Akers Scaggs

Fannie Scaggs

Ruby Scaggs

William Scaggs b. about 1796 died Novembe 28, 1886

His first wife: Miram Reed b. 1800

His second wife: Geneva Carroll

Scaggs Cmetery #2 below Ruby and Dorsey's homeplace:

Sidney J. Scaggs b. July 25, 1889 d. September 9, 1967

Bertha I. Bishop Scaggs b. August 20, 1887 d. August 3l, 1967

Sadie Darlene Scaggs b. June 23, 1943 d. June 18, 1944 (This is the daughter of Hazel Cox Scaggs and Cecil Scaggs)

Delilah Akers Scaggs b. April 29, 1849 d. Feb. 4, 1925

Humphrey Scaggs d. January 1, 1846 d. July 23, 1924

Harley S. Altizer, b. April 29, 189l d. January 17, 1919

Little Ines Altizer b. February 21, 1892 d. July 25, 1892

Infant daughter of Mr. & Mrs. G. S. Altizer b.Nov. 10, 1899, d. Dec. 1, 1899

Infant son of Mr. & Mrs. G. S. Altizer January 6, 1910 (The G. S. Altizer stands for Guilford Stoneman Altizer)

Curtis W. Altizer b. December 3, 1913 d. March 28, 1935

Family tradition is that Curtis was born with a hairlip and it was almost impossible to understand his speech. His father was poor and could not afford the surgery that would repair his lip. Curtis was in love with a local girl. He asked her to marry him and she refused. On his way home that night he committed suicide. ( He was also Guilford Stoneman Altizer's son. )

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