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Marriages of Patrick County, Virginia

1791 - 1850

Coplied By Lela C. Adams - Reprinted in 1984

The listings of marriage on Hardy:

27 Nov 1845 - Joseph Hardy and Ann E. Varner, alias Poindexter; daughter of Peggy Varner - Sur. Joseph Varner - Minster, Joshua Adams - M.R 28 Nov 1845 (page 54)

9 May 1819 - Spencer Hardy and Elizabeth Packwood - Sur. Elisha Packwood (page 54)

5 Dec 1826 - William Hardy and Jane Edmonds, consent of Esom and Sofie Edmonds - Sur. Preston Edmonds - Min. Maning Hill (page 54)

30 Dec 1821 - Joesph Hardy and Lucinda Morris, consent of Samuel C. Morris - Sur. John T. Arrington - Wit. Deverau Jarrett (page 54)


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