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Hall to Governor

Know all men by these presents that we FREEBURN HALL, JEREMIAH PATE, JUN. AND JESSE HALL are held and firmly bound unto George William Smith Lieutenant Governor of the Commonwealth of Virginia now exercising the functions of Governor and to his successors on the Office of Governor in the penalty of One Thousand Dollard current money to the payment where well and truly to be made We bind ourselves and heirs executors and administrators jointly and severally firmly by these presents. Sealed with our seals and dated this 2nd day of July 1811 The condition of the above obligation is such that whereas the above bound FREEBURN HALL hath been appointed a constable for Montgomery County; If therefore the said FREEBURN HALL shall well and duly discharge the duties of the office of constable on the said county then the obligation to be void, otherwise to remain in full force and virtue.






At Montgomery July Court 1811--This Bond was entered into and acknowledged in open Court and ordered to be Recorded. Teste

Charles Taylor clerk


Crockett, atty to HALL

This Indenture made this sixth day of August in the year of our Lord one thousand seven hundred and ninety eight Between Hugh Crockett attorney in fact for Jacob Smith of the County of Montgomery and HALL of Virginia of the one part and JESSE HALL of the county and state aforesaid of the other part Witnesseth that the said Hugh Crockett for and in consideration of the sum of forty five pounds the receipt of which is hereby acknowledged do hereby grant bargain & sell unto the said JESSE HALL his heirs, executors and administrators one certain tract or parcel of Land lying and being in the County of Montgomery on both sides of the South fork of Roanoak adjoining the Lands of Wm. Stapleton and John Pickelseiner and bounded as followeth to wit Beginning at two black oaks and hills and thence S 20 W 36 poles to two black walnuts & by a fence on a line of William Stapletons land and with it through a field and across a mill pond S 66-1/2 E 100 poles to a red oak and white oak on the bank of the Creek corner to said Land S 3 E 48 poles passing Stapletons corner to a black and white Oak S 76 E 118 poles to three white Oaks and a red Oak on the North side of a hill, N 79 E 76 poles to a white Oak and a red Oak on a hill side N 3 W 100 poles to a large Chesnut, N 65 W 56 poles crossing the Creek to a large Spanish Oak a corner of John Pickelseiners land N 22 W 22 poles to a Spanish oak and white oak sapling on a hill side thence N 86 to 208poles to the Beginning Together with all and singular the appurtenances thereunto belonging to the said JESSE HALL and his heirs to the sole use and behoof of the said JESSE HALL and his heirs and the said Hugh Crockett for himself and his heirs the said Tract of Land with the appurtenances to the said JESSE HALL and his heirs against all persons whatsoever will forever warrant and defend. In witness whereof the said Hugh Crockett has hereunto set his hand and seal the day and year above written.

Hugh Cockett (Seal)

Montgomery October Court 1798

This Deed of Bargain and Sale from Hugh Crockett Attorney for Jacob Smith to JESSE HALL was acknowledged in Court by the said Hugh Crockett and Ordered to be recorded.

A Copy teste

Charles Taylor clerk

Contributed by: Jackie Hudgins

MONTGOMERY COUNTY DEED BOOK C, 1797-1803, page 57.

Bryans to HALL This Indenture made this 29 day of July in one thousand seven hundred and ninety seven between James Bryans and Mary Bryans his wife of the county of Montgomery of the one part and ASA HALL of said county of the other part Witnesseth that the said James Bryan for and in consideration of the sum of seventy pounds of Virginia currency in hand paid the receipt whereof is acknowledged do give, grant, bargain and sell unto the said ASA HALL and his Heirs one piece or parcel of land containing two hundred and fifty acres by patent bearing date the twenty seventh day of March one thousand seven hundred and eighty six lying and being in the county of Montgomery on the South branches of the North Fork of Roanoke and bounded as followeth, to wit: Beginning at two white oaks and red Oak and runneth thence South eighty five degrees West two hundred & six poles to two white oak saplins and walnut South thirty five degrees West one hundred twenty poles to a beach & red oak thence South twenty one degrees East sixty poles to a white oak & red oak South seventy degrees East one hundred & seventy poles to a pine & given North twenty two degrees East two hundred & forty eight poles to the Beginning together with all the appurtenances to the said ASA HALL and his Heirs the sole use & behoof of the said ASA HALL and his heirs and the said James Bryans for himself and Mary Bryans his wife for her self and their heirs the said piece or parcel of land with the appurtenances and to the said ASA HALL and his Heirs against all persons whatsoever will warrant & forever defend. In witness whereof we have Interchangably set our hands and affixed our Seals the day & year above written.

James Bryans (Seal)

Mary Bryans (Seal)

At Montgomery August Court 1797

This Deed of Bargain & Sale from James Bryans & Mary his wife to ASA HALL was acknowledged in Court the said Mary being first privately examined as the law directs and ordered to be recorded.

A copy Teste

Charles Taylor clerk

Montgomery County Will Book 7, 1842-1848, page 442.

ASA HALL Settlement: May the 18th 1846. Amount of the estate of ASA HALL used Six hundred and twenty four dollars and 3 cents having allowed Interest on all debts up to the 24th of February 1863. I have allowed Interest on all vouchers laid before that time. Credits. $424.73

1st by John Comman's resale agent for ENOCH VANOVER 40.00

2nd by DAVID HALL's resale agent for Eaton Anderson 40.00

3rd by DAVID HALL's resale in his own rate 41.64

4th by ARCHIBALD GRAHAM's resale 40.50

5th by JOHN JEWELL's resale 40.50

6th by JESSE HALL's resale 40.50

7th by WILLIAM C. HALL's resale 41.70

8th by WILLIAM JEWEL's resale 42.10

9th by ASA HALL's own legasee 41.80

10th by John Bawden's resale 42.10

11th by JONATHAN HALL's resale 40.00

12th by two resales from James Beavers' Agent for Thomas Beavers 41.18

13th by JAMES GRAHAM one of the legatees having taken the land and relinquished all claims to the personal property by agreement 10.00

14th by George Condin's resale, heir of SALLY PRATT, deceased 6.00

By ASA H. PRATT's resale, one of children of S. PRATT, decd. 5.75

By MATTHERSON PRATT's resale, heir of same 5.75

By Silas Cundiff's resale, heir of same in full 3.75

By James Sandlege, resale in full 3.75

15th by clerk's tickets .70

By William C. Taylor's resale in behalf of THOMAS PRATT dec'd. 5.00

16th by ASA HALL's previous consent 10.00

17th by WILLIAM JEWELL's consent 2.00

18th by JESSE C. HALL for paying for coffin 8.96

19th Paid William Howards & William Ellish as commissions 2.00

20th by clerk's tickets 1.50

21st by Joseph Edies amount 1.00

22nd by ARCHABALD GRAYHAM's proven account 3.31

1/2 23rd by MARY HALL the widow's current purchases at the sale which she

agreed to take for her full share of the personal estate 22.00

24th by commissions on $424.73 31.23

25th Paid William Elliott as commissions 2.00



Balance due this estate 16.95


William Elliott 424.73

Commissions to settle the above estate At Montgomery November Court 1847

This report of the settlement of the accounts of ASA HALL administrator of ASA HALL deceased, was returned to court, and ordered to lie for exceptions and at December Court 1847. The same was confirmed, and ordered to be recorded, no exceptions to the same having been made.


R.D. Montague, clerk

Contributed by: Jackie


MARY(Vanover) HALL Akkotment of Dower

We the undersigned have laid off MARY HALL's dower of land the widow of ASA HALL deceased: Beginning at the line of JAMES GRAHAM's making a corner on two pines at said GRAHAM's line on a ridge from thence in a straight line to a walnut at the yeard fence, from thence with the branch to JOHN JEWEL's line from thence with the old line to the beginning.

April 8, 1841

John Burchfield

John Barnett

William Subtoh

At Montgomery June Court 1841

This allotment of dower to MRS. MARY HALL in the lands of her deceased husband ASA HALL was returned to Court, approved, and ordered to be recorded.

Teste R.D. Montague clerk

Contributed by: Jackie

Note: ASA HALL (b. 1758-Rev War soldier) was Genetho Samuel Hall's 2nd gr-grandfather. Genethro Samuel Hall's lineage: ASA & SARAH ADAMS, DAVID & ELIZABETH PATE, ANDREW & TABITHA COVEY, JOHN WESLEY HALL & ROSEANNA COVEY.

From: Jackie

(Quoted from Ralph Hall's Book in the SOUTHWEST TIMES, PULASKI, VA: 1955 Letter (dated 1955) from Lou Hill to her friend, Jane, some ofthe recent happenings in Pulaski:

Dear Jane:

When we visited him the day before Thanksgiving he was preparing to make a pumpkin pie. At 92 years of age this would be quiate a feat for most of us, but not so for Genetho Samuel Hall, widower, who with his son, Theodore, "batches" at their home, 138 South Jefferson Ave.

Mr. Hall, a Methodist, one of Pulaski's oldest citizens, has led a full life and he has a remarkable memory, recalling in minute detail instances out of the past with great clarity. He is the son of the late John W. Hall and Rosanna Covey, born May 8, 1863, on a farm near Snowville when the town was the main manufacturing center of Southwest VA. Most of this land was owned by Mr. Hall's ancestors. He is one of 11 children and his brother, Guy of Pulaski, is the youngest. He has two brothers and three sisters living.

Attending Pay School at River View, near Snowville, Mr. Hall remembers when free schools were established in 1870. He then was a student at New Salem. He worked on his father's farm until he was 20 years of age. His father then told him he had enough sons to work the farm and he could do whatever he pleased. So he became associated with John Le Seur at his tannery near the McClannahan Ingles' home on New River. It was here the Pulaskian made boots and shoes. Among his customers were the Ingles and other prominent families. In payment for his work at that time he was given one pair for every three he produced. He was an expert workman and much sought in his trade.

The Pulaskian went back to his father's farm in Snowville in 1885 and put out a crop of tobacco (the first raised there). The genial gentleman, with a twinkle in his eye, told us of going to town with a twist of tobacco and peppermint candy in his pocket. Partaking of both, he became ill - and from then on he has been a temperate man never using the weed. Smiling, Mr. Hall recalled going to Floyd where he met and married Louvinia Dobbins on Dec. 8, 1886, at Brush Creek. He went to meet his bride on horseback, riding in a snow 27 inches deep.

The couple moved to Snowville in April 1887, residing in several places and later building a home there. He plied his trade, making shoes of all descriptions.

He was later appointed postmaster under the administrations of McKinley, Theodore Roosevelt, Taft and part of Wilson's. During this time rural delivery and parcel post came into being. Mr. Hall also carried mail on the rural route for a while and when he served as postmaster he also operated a general store.

Coming to Pulaski, Samuel Hall worked in the offices of the Pulaski Iron Company. His wife died in 1901. They had no children. He later married Tula S. Young who passed away about three years ago. They had two sons, Fay and Theodore. Fay is still carrying on the family tradition of shoe work, while Theodore is an attorney. Mr. Hall has two grandchildren and two great-grandchildren. From Pulaski he went to the coal fields in company with the late Ashby Wygal, who surveyed roads. Mines had been opened near Pocahontas to supply coal for World War I.

Returning here in 1918 Mr. Hall opened a shoe shop on Main St., and later bought a place, 24 S. Jefferson Ave. and worked there, also opening a shop on Main St. where Riggle's Market is now, working there for 13 years. The Pulaskian retired from business five years ago although he is still very active around his home.

He tends his hot beds and garden, from which he sells plants and flowers and also he enjoys working in his son, Fay's garden plot next door. He is in very good health and he is remarkable in that he recalls happendings of his youth in Snowville boom days, and can tell you to the very day of what went on in this little town that is filled with historic lore. Musing, the Pulaskian lingered over stories when he went to town on Saturdays and attended the Templar's Lodge, located in the upper story of our grandfather Bullard's shoe factory, this spot also the scene of the first newspaper, "The Virginia People", published in Snowville. He spoke of the foundry, the woolen mills and other industries located there.

On our visit we noted an old handmade desk in which our friend kept money and records for 15 years when he was postmaster. Also we commented on an old spinning wheel and Mr. Hall recalled the days he had to spin shoe thread used in his shop.

Having harvested his flower seeds, Mr. Hall is already planning his garden in the spring when he will be 93 years old. A genial, hospitable man, who has lived a good life. His philosophy is that to live the very best you can today, will take care of tomorrow. Too, he told us that today if given a good light, the necessary tools and materials he could still turn out a good pair of boots - and we venture to say there could be none better.

Yours, Lou Hill


Hall Marriage INDEX

Montgomery County Court House, Va

1941 Hall, Alfred and Myrtle Lucy Palmer B.3,p.114 B.3,p.114

1949 Hall, Alfred Stanley and Mary Aline Helm B.3,p.372

1843 Hall, Allen J. and Mary Ann Charlton B.A, p. 284

1843 Hall, Allen J. and Mary Ann Charlton B.A, p.406

1899 Hall, Alonzo A. and Eugene A. Poff B.1,P.119

1938 Hall, Alton P. and Geneva Mae Bane B.3,p.14

1828 Hall, Andrew and Tabitha Covey B.A,p.211

1828 Hall, Andrew and Tabitha Covey B.A,p.401

1841 Hall, Andrew J. and Tincey Winfree B.A,p.274

1867 Hall, Andrew J. and Martha J. Creasy B.1,p.21

1915 Hall, Andy and Annie Britt B.2,p.70

1813 Hall, Asa and Matsey Crandall B.A,p.361

1872 Hall, Asa and Lucy Bowyer B.1,p.33

1851 Hall, Asa Jr. and Mary C. Cromer B.A,p.323

1851 Hall, Asa Jr. and Mary C. Cromer B.A,p.415

1935 Hall, Asa Robert and Mary Eva Richardson B.2,p.18

1831 Hall, Benjamin and Sarah Bane B.A,p.226

1831 Hall, Benjamin and Sarah Bane B.A,p.387

1877 Hall, Benjamin P. and Minerva Shelor B.1,p.48

1799 Hall, Benjamine and Margaret McKenzie B.A,p.81

1946 Hall, Brainard Wm. and Marie Wright B.3,p.249

1903 Hall, Bud W. and Lucy A. Helm B.2,p.6

1920 Hall, C. Clyde and Annie Eulalia Walters B.2,p.99

1908 Hall, Cassel H. and E. A. Manning B.2,p.29

1950 Hall, Cecil Calvin and Madeline Lawrence B.3,p.392

1820 Hall, Charles and Elizabeth Iddings B.A,p.170

1820 Hall, Charles and Elizabeth Iddings B.A,p.367

1946 Hall, Charles Wm. and Mary Madelyn Hiner B.3,p.283

1945 Hall, Charlie J. and Virginia Margaret Hawks B.3,p.236

1885 Hall, Clarborne A. and Sarah J. Walthall B.1,p.73

1926 Hall, Cleve and Fannie Costigan B.2,p.132

1888 Hall, D.D. and Mahala G. Williams

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1847 Hall, David Jr. and Henrietta Adams B.A,p.408

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1897 Hall, Emit and Carrie E. Walters B.1,p.112

1940 Hall, Eugene H. and Jean Louise Wright B.3,p.62

1913 Hall, Eugine and M. Janie Simpkins B.2,p.60

1938 Hall, Euray Eldon and Mary Elizabeth Wells B.3,p16

1881 Hall, Evans T. and Sallie J. Long B.1,p.62

1818 Hall, Fleming and Susanna Tice B.A,p.162

1878 Hall, Floyd and Eliza. A. Graham B.1,p.54

1910 Hall, Floyd M. and Lula V. Burnett B.2,p.41

1940 Hall, Fred D. and Frances A. Lane B.3,p.77

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1886 Hall, G.S. and Luvenia E. Dobbins B.1,p.78

1937 Hall, Geo. Howary and Cleava Iris Finch B.2,p.193

1862 Hall, Geo. W. and Nancy V. Bones B.1,p.12

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1838 Hall, Gordan F. and Theodocia Peterman B.A,p.262

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1914 Hall, James P. and Sarah E. Carden B.2,p.65

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1835 Hall, Jesse Jr. and Keziah Covey B.A,p.252

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1836 Hall, Jesse and Lydia Thrash B.A,p.255

1867 Hall, Jesse and Emmaline Showalter B.1,p.21

1811 Hall, John and Sally Pate B.A,p.360

1839 Hall, John and Nelly Conner B.A,p.267

1846 Hall, John and Sarah McKeney B.A,p.408

1846 Hall, John and Sarah McKenry B.A,p.300

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1913 Hall, Marshall and Maggie Clowers B.2,p.61

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1912 Hall, Mathew and Gillie Lovern B.2,p.55

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1907 Hall, Oscar S. and Maggie M. Pratt B.2,p.23

1940 Hall, Otis M. and Virginia Evans Charlton B.3,p.71

1911 Hall, Ottie and Ellen A. Grahm B.2,p.47

1898 Hall, Paris and M. Susanah Craighead B.1,p.116

1935 Hall, Paul J. and Juanita Price B.2,p.185

1935 Hall, Paul T. and Olia Alice Bishop B.2,p.182

1842 Hall, Reed C. and Julia Ann Lucas B.A,p.279

1842 Hall, Reed C. and Julia Ann Lucas B.A,p.424

1848 Hall, Robert and Mary Dobbins B.A,p.410

1932 Hall, Robert D. and Iva H. Poff B.2p.162

1904 Hall, Robert Thos. and Anna Gertrude Reynolds B.2,p.10

1938 Hall, Robt. Chas. and Belva Lee Smith B.3,p.11

1934 Hall, Roland and Glada Boyd B.2,p.172

1943 Hall, Roy Norris and Mildred Louise Robertson B.3,p.179

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1843 Hall, Thomas and Catherine Lucas B.A,p.406

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1803 Hall, Wm. and Sarah Vanover B.A,p.97

1820 Hall, Wm. and Nancy Ledgerwood B.A,p.168

1830 Hall, Wm. and Mary Craig B.A,p.222

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1835 Hall, Wm. and Elizabeth Morton B.A,p.424

1883 Hall, Wm. A. and Elizabeth S. Corell B.1,p.68

1889 Hall, Wm. A. and Mollie V. Keener B.1,p.87

1898 Hall, Wm. A. and Mary Miles B.1,p.114

1919 Hall, Wm. B. and nannie Moses B.2,p.95

1866 Hall, Wm. G. and Emaline Bane B.1,p.19

1870 Hall, Wm. H. and Ruth A. Oyler B.1,p.30

1890 Hall, Wm. H. and Emma L. Gearheart B.1,p.90

1880 Hall, Wm. J. and Ida J. Childress B.1,p.59

1930 Hall, Wm. Roy and Mellie Beal Linkous B.2,p.152

1905 Hall, W. S. and Margaret E. Einstein B.2,p.13

1917 Hall, Zean and Elzia Kelley B.2,p.81


Names of Hall listed from the book:

Marriages of Patrick County, Virginia

1791 - 1850

Coplied By Lela C. Adams - Reprinted in 1984

I will copy names like they are printed - if mis-spelled that will be the orginial way it was written & printed in the book - I will have the page number from the book to use as a source of reference.

21 Jan 1827 - Adam Hall & Martha Vaughters - Sur. & Min. Thomas Whitlock (page 49)

26 March 1841 - Adam Hall son of Henry Hall, and Sabrinah Hall, daughter of Russell Hall - Sur. Henry Hall (page 49)

11 Jan 1847 - David Hall son of Sarah Hall and Jane Rakes daughter of Samuel Rakes- Sur. Nathan Hall - Wit. William F. Hall (page 49)

24 Nov 1853 - David Hall, age 23 of Terry County, North Carolina (?) the son of Oliver Hall and Julina Hall ,age 23 the daughter of Jordon Hall. - Min. Martin Cloud (page 49)

8 Oct 1828 - Harden R. Hall and Martha Adams - Sur. Jefferson Taylor (page 49) 26 Jan 1815 - Henry Hall and Betsy Turner - Sur. Adam Turner -Min. Jesse Jones - M.R. 16 March 1815 (page 49)

15 March 1851 - Henry Hall and Judah Hall, daughter of Russell Hall -Wit. William F. Hall & Adam Hall (page 50)

13 Oct 1845 - Henry F. Hall and Exoney Turner, daughter of Lewis Turner -Sur. P.R. Ross (page 50)

22 Nov 1800 - James Hall and Jane Burnett (Jenny), daughter of John Burnett - Sur. Robert Rowan Min. Robert Jones - M.R. 27 Nov 1800 (page 50)

28 Oct 1845 -Jasper Hall and Vina (Levinah) Hall - Sur. Russell Hall -Min. Jesse Jones (Page 50)

7 Oct 1807 - John Hall Jr. and Sarah Harbour -Sur. Jesse Harbour - Min. Stephan Hubbard (page 50)

26 Sept 1811 - John Hall and Judith Hall, Thomas Hall gives consent. Sur. Nathan Hall (page 50)

2 Sept 1847 - John Hall and Elizabeth Cox - Sur. James Cox - Min. Jeremiah Burnett M.R. 3 Sept 1847 (page 50)

21 Sep 1842 - John Hall and Nancy Hall - Sur. Joseph Hall - Min. John Conner - M.R. 22 Sep 1842 (page 50)

12 July 1843 - John Hall and Letha Massey - Min. Jesse Jones (page 50)

27 Feb 1821 - Jordon Hall and Sally Vaughter - Sur. Tyre Bowman (page 50)

14 Nov 1839 - Joseph Hall and Anna Midkiff - Sur. Conrad Plaster (page 50)

28 April 1814 - Joshua Hall and Anna Rakes - Sur. Charles Rakes (page 50)

28 Jan 1808 - Nathan Hall and Elizabeth Hancock -Sur. William Hancock (page 50)

16 Feb 1837 - Nathan Hall, Jr. and Deborah McAlexander - Sur. David McAlexander - Min. John Conner - M.R. 7 Mar 1837 (page 50)

14 Feb 1822 - Parker Hall and Ruth McMillion -Sur. Tyre Bowman -Min. Thomas Whitlock -M.R. 14 Feb 1822 (page 50)

15 Jan 1826 - Randolph Hall and Polly Canaday, daughter of William Canaday - Sur. Harden R. Hall - Min. Stephan Hubbard (page 50)

2 Dec 1815 - Russell Hall and Sally Turner -Sur. Adam Turner - Min. Jesse Jones- M.R. 16 Dec 1815 (page 50)

27 Sept 1804 - Shadrack Hall alias Sloan and Caty (Cathy) Reynolds - Min. Jesse Jones (page 50)

21 July 1808 - Thomas R. Hall and Sally Fuson - Min. Lewis Foster (page 50)

27 Sept 1847 - Thomas R. Hall and Sarah Ann Burnett, daughter of Jeremiah Burnett - Sur> Jeremiah F. Burnett - Min. John Conner - M.R. 30 Sept 1847 (page 50)

1 Feb 1810 - William Hall and Polly Shelton - Sur. William N. Sharp and Hudson Hall Min. Peter Frans (page 51)

12 Jan 1835 - William Hall and Celia Harris, daughter of Samuel Harris - Sur. Samuel Terry - Min. John Conner

15 Aug 1837 - William Hall and Sally (Sara) Hatcher - Sur. James Hatcher - Min. Jesse Jones - M.R. 5 Sept 1837 (page 51)

4 July 1844 - William W. Hall and Frances Bolling - Sur. James Bolling (page 51)

15 Feb 1811 - Zadoe Hall and Elizabeth Boman - Sur. Peter Beller - Min. Thomas Whitlock (page 51)

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