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Sherman W Roberts USArmy Normady d 4-28-1998 age 82

Leonard Roberts h/o Maggie Lou Dougherty Roberts (Date????)(AA)

Isabelle Walker Balochi d 6-27-1998 age 95

Robert Kalelui Conteh d 5-18-1998 age 52 s/o Fatu Conteh(AA)

Ida Mae Clifton d 10-16-1998 age 95

Carol Ann Paxton d 6-15-1998 age 39 d/o Dorothy Firebaugh Paxton

Irvin M Pratt Chubly WWII d 6-28-1998 age 86

Hazel Leona Eaton 4-20-1998 age 80 d/o John Thomas & Mabelle Leona Thierry Eaton

Milton Davis Fitzpatrick d 7-13-1998 age 85 married Luilla Fitzpatrick for 49 years

Hanna Frances Edward Brown 4-8-1905 11-8-1998 d/o Lewis & Sally Betty Edwards (AA)

Greenwood Allen Deacon d 7-28-1998 age 98 WWII h/o Ada Arthur Deacon

Charolet Mae Mason d 3-13-1998 age 70 w/o (1) Bernard Franklin (2) Garland Eugene Mason

Yvonne Marsh Sink 7-28-1998 age 74 w/o H Marvin Sink

Pauline Rutrough Watson d 5-28-1998 age 104

Chester W Hubbard d 7-27-1998 age 76 USAF Korea

William Charles Hines d 8-26-1998 age 63 h/o Charolette Kenny Hines

Hester Creasy Fielder 1-5-1998 age 89

Lewis Ballard Bailey 1-27-1998 age 83 h/o Minna Bailey

Margaret Louise Manning d 10-5-1998

Ena Jefferson Hylton b 2-12-1908 d 4-23-1998 age 90 d/o Leslie Albert Jefferson & Kate Perdue Jefferson w/o Paul Hampton Hylton

Arthur R Bush "Pete" 11-15-1998 age 72 h/o Virginia Bush for 55 years

Hazel H Heslep d 10-21-1997 age 85 w/o Fred T Heslep for 65 years

Ta;madge Clemmons 7-26-1998 age 56 h/o Lorraine Clemmons

Janie Pedigo Kerfoot 8-21-1919 10-18-1997 d/o Jesse Brooks & Edna Hodges Pedigo w/o 1 Francis J Bently & 2 William D Kirfoot

Warren Preston Mitchell d 10-18-1997 age 77 h/o Sadie Shepherd Mitchell

Thelma Hazel Hutchenson 12-4-1997 age 76

Pamela Sue Sykes d 11-12-1997 d/o Steven & Melinfda Sykes

Alice Sublette Winfrey 4-22-1861 5-10-1914

Samuel Tarsh Winfrey 12-25-1884 1-26-1941

Ned Fletcher Winfrey 7-5-1884 6-29-1956

Rena E Via w/o Guy L Winfrey Sr 10-4-1897 12-10-1926

Nillie M Jenkinson d 7-1-1997 age 74 w/o George Jenkinson

Lee Wittier Blount Jr 2-2-1926 11-20-1998 s/o Lee Whitter sr. & Myrtle Freeman Blount

Katherine Farmer Dotson d 1-23-1998 age 87 d/o Roxie & Noah Farmer

Wilma Louise Chamberlain d 11-17-1998 age 78

Isabelle Barrows Webster 10-10-1997 age 76 w/o Eugene Lewis Webster

Fred Douglas Minor Sr 10-6-1997 age 84

Ruby Lee Henritze 10-8-1997 age 99 born in Welch WV

Elizabeth Popovich Scholtz 10-8-1997 w/o Fritz Joseph Scholz Jr

Elsie Via Longwood 10-8-1997 age 97 w/o Lewis E Logwood

Minnie C Dowdy d 11-26-1998 age 91 d/o Andy Niel & Sara Reed Carviness

Mattie Justice Wallace d 9-20-1997 age 87 w/o Daniel W Wallace

Mary Leona Goad d 4-30-1998 age 61 w/o Charles Leonard Goad

Edna Ratliff Kardis d 4-30-1998 w/o Andrew Kardis

Sherman W Roberts 4-28-1998 age 82 s/o lou Doughtery Roberts USArmy WWII Normandy Purple Heart

Mittie Delores Lucas d 10-6-1997 age 92 w/o James Lucas

Edward Thomas Pettegrew Jr d 10-23-1998 age 73 WWII s/o Edward T & Irene C Fielding Pettegrew h/o Norma Newby Pettegrew

Lelia Dickerson Fisher d 12-2-1998 age 87 w/o Thomas Henry Fisher

Wirginia Bell Woolwine d 12-10-1998 age 71 married 1 Kenneth B Preas 2 Harry G Woolwine

Joyce Harkrader Jenkins d 12-3-1998 age 56

Bert English Jones Sr d 3-7-1998 age 64

Julia Carter Powell d 2-1-1998 age 93 d/o George Fountain & Nangy Elizabeth Thomasson Carter

Helen Hurt Tompkins Gold b 3-18-1904 d 9-20-1998 age 94 d/o Christopher Hurt Tompkins & Florence Graves Tompkins

Margaret C Bell d 6-23-1998 age 97 d/o William E Bell

Nellie May Campbell 6-4-1998 age 82 w/o Chap Campbell sister of Charles, Lester, Jimmie & Robert Tolley

Gladys C Minor d 12-5-1998 age 85

Sara Rucker Tillett d 12-8-1998 w/o Alvin B Tillett

Obits available to here

LOOKUPS for Fairview 1890-1920
Others buried in Fairview. I do not have all dates


Grace G 12-30-1915

John C

C Alice

Clennie Earl

Mabel I & Infant 8-7-1917




Lucy Ann

William E

Mrs Dora C

Archie Baxter

Mrs Virginia H

Charlie William

Riley J

John Wesley

Walter William




A Infant

William L

Charles A


Infant of Roy

Roy C

Asa W

Doctor Edgar P

Mrs Frances

Clarence A age 62 1-29-1916

Mamie E

Ruth B

Ruth Vaughn

Florian Blair

Nancy Graves

Mrs Nora

Marvin Hudson

Dorothy Dowdy

Abbie age 28 2-11-1901

Mrs Josephine age 57 9-11-1901

W I age 73 11-22-1919


Minnie E Smith 1-22-1890 7-6-1968 w/o Ottie R Jewell

Vivian 5 mo 6-16-1921

Ottie Richard Jewell 11-4-1892 7-20-1962 h/o Minnie Smith

Mabel Creasey

Ethel Mae age 16 9-10-1920

Louise Elizabeth

George Marshall


Earl M

Willard Avery


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