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Selected Caldwell Marriage Records

Botetourt County Marriages


Jane & Moses LoOney 17 Jan 1832; d William b- Absalom CaIdwell wit- Anderson CaIdwell mm- Absalom C Dempsey (Bapt.)- 17Jan1832

Jane & Henry ReynoLds 25 Nov 1839; d James b- Frederick Bryant mm- Lewis L Reynolds- 21Nov1839

Jane & John White 26 May 1821; d Robert b- Archibald CaIdwell who test Jane over 21 mm- Henry Holstine 29May1821

Jane & Thomas Wias - Nov 1812; mm- Henry Holstine publication of banns

Levesta & James Ruble 11 May 1844; b- Absalom CaIdwell, father

Margaret & Samuel Mann 7 Sep 1811; b- William CaIdwell, father mm Henry Holstine- Sept 1811

Margaret & Abraham Wolf 3 Jun 1813; d Hugh b- Jacob Wolf James CaIdwell test. Margaret over 21 mm- John Helms 3Junl8l3

Martha & Edeljndson CaLdwell 21 Oct 1848; b- Absalom CaIdwell father

Martha & Frederick Craft 16 Sep 1847; b- James CaIdwell, father mm- Dexter A Snow- 165ep1847

Mary & Richard Bryant 8 Oct 1836; b- James CaIdwell, father mm- Lewis L Reynolds- 120ct1836

wary & English Crawford 18 Jun 1793; b- Hugh CaIdwell wit- Henry Oowyer (Clerk of Court) license signed by wit-Patrick Lockhart (sheriff, Justice of Peace) mmAlexander Ross- 2OJun1793

Mory & Thomas Eakin 6 Feb 1816; b- William CaIdwell, father sin- John Helms- 8Feb1816

Mary & Joseph Gant 30 Jan 1793; mm- Edward Crawford (Presby. )

Mary & Andrew Kinkead 9 May 1777; b- John Kinkead wit-John May con- Samuel CaIdwell, father- 20May1777 wit-James Ewing & Wallis CaIdwell

Matilda & Alexander CaIdwell 9 Aug 1842; b- James CaIdwell, father

Nancy & John Baker 17 Mar 1834; John Baker from Monroe County d William b- Michael CaIdwell mm- Lewis L Reynolds25Mar1834

Nancy & Henry Looney 21 May 1841; b- Andrew Caidwell who test. age of bride as over 21

Nancy & William Mann 10 Mar 1803; b- John CaIdwell Jr con-John Caldwell - lO Mar l8O3

wit- James Way and John CaIdwell Jr Polly & James Summerfield 12 Nov 1821; d John b- William Caldwell sin- Henry Holstine- 21Nov1821

Priscilla & Bennett J Reynolds 11 Nov 1822; b- Williom CaIdwell, father Rosana & Joceph Akins 14 Feb 1787; b- John CaIdwell mm John W Holt (clerk, Prot. Epis. Church)- 5Mar1787

Rosanna & George C Troutt 11 Apr 1829; b- Archibald Caidwell, father min- Absalom C Dempsey (Bapt.)- 16Apr1829

Joseph & Barbara Miltenbarger 11 Mar 1809; d William MiLtenbarger of Tennessee b- Archibald Caldwell who test Barbara over 21 mm- Henry Hoistine - ?Mar1809 married by License

Joseph & Martha Ann ReynoLds 2 Sep 1841; b- Lewis I ReynoLds, father mm- Jacob Carper (Meth. Epis.)- 21Sep1841

Looney & Nancy Looney 9 Feb 1847; b- Joseph Looney, father

Michael & Martha Shawver 29 Dec 1831; b- Christopher Shawver who test. age of bride as over 21 mm- Absatom C Dempsey (Bapt.)- 29 Dec1831

Morris H & Clarinda D McCartney 11 Feb 1850; b- Andrew McCartney, father mm- Henry H Paine (Presby.)- 27Feb1850

NichoLas & ALice Gaunt 30 Dec 1851; License onLy mmLewis P FeLlers- 31Dec1851

Otis & Louisa Johnson 2 Jan 1844; d Atexander b- FLe'aing B Carper Robert & Ann Crawford 14 JuL 1828; b- Nimrod Crawford, father Robert & Patsey Newman 9 Sep 1799; mm- Samuel Gray (Fincastle) publication of banns

Robert & Mary Smith 4 Sep 1813; b- Jacob Smith, father mm- Henry Hotstine- Sep1813

Samuel & Sarah Hotstine 14 Apr 1812; d Henry Hotstine Sr b- Henry Holstine Jr con- Henry Hotstine Sr, father14Apr1812

wit- Comp? Caldwell & Henry Hotstine Jr mm Henry Holstine- Apr1812

Smith & Eve Robinson 22 Jun 1808; b- John Robinson, father mm- John HeLms - 3?Apr l808

Stephen & ELizabeth Weir 9 May 1797; b- James Wiers wit-Henry Bowyer (CLerk of Court) mm- William P Martin 12 May l797

Thompson & Ailsy Caldwell 8 Apr 1843; b- Archibald Caldwell, father William & Fanney Anderson 30 Mar 1814; d Joseph b- James Anderson con- Joseph Anderson, father- 27 Mar1814 wit- James Anderson who test. Fanney over 21 mm- Henry Hotstine- Apr1814

William & ELizabeth Hackett 2 Aug 1792; b- Henry Hotstine wit- William P Smith con- Thomas Hackett, father- Aug1792 wit- Benjamin Lewny & James CaIdwell mm- Bennet Maxey (Meth.)- List dated 4Aug1792

WILLIam & Priscilla Luney 24 Mar 1789; b- wit- Patrick Lockhart (sheriff, Justice of Peace) wit- Benjamin Rowe (deputy cLerk, Lawyer) con- Absalom Luney, father23Mar1789 wit- John Reyndls & Joseph Eakin

WiLliam H & Maria Craft 30 JuL 1846; b- Benjamin Craft, father mm- A J Elmore- 30JuL1846

William & Sophia Smith 20 sep 1827; b- William Smith who test. age of bride as over 21 mm- Henry Hotstlne 27Sept 1827


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