Government Conspiracies
Created By Josh Donar
The Conspiracies of the World.
The world Is a place full of lies and cover-ups by the Government.
The government has never fully admitted to the Roswell crash, or that
Area-51 is located out side of Rachel, Nevada.  The government has to admit the truth, by there own laws they say they must.
Why is the United States Government claiming that the air base doesn't exist.  The base itself has signs along the road saying
Why does the USAF keep on changing its story, first they said it was a UFO crash, next it was only a weather balloon, now they say the weather balloon had crash test dummies on it.  If it was a package to detect a nuclear blast, why wasn't it listed with the rest of the crash balloons in Project Mogell.
Kennedy Assassination
The reason that I think Kennedy was assassinated was because he got too close to the truth so the
CIA, FBI, and theRepublican Party had to do away with him somehow.  The FBI was one of the only groups that could have ordered the Secret Service to remove the bullet proof dome from the top of the presidential vehicle.
Martin Luther King Jr. Assassination
The Republican party played a large role in the assassinaiton of Martin Luther King, because the republican party believed that if he had ran for President he would of  had a chance to win.
Aurora Project
The Aurora is a top secret government aircraft that flies at speed above Mach 4.035, it may take a bit of time hacking, but you can get a start at the
Air Force Research Labratory web page.
J. Edgar Hoover Assasination
Many people don't know it, but the former head of the
FBI was poisoned.  He was poisoned by the leathal substace known as Anthrax.  The warning sign of anthrax poisoning where seen last year when his body was exhumed by a medical researcher.  When the tested sample of hair and skin they found very leathal doses in the samples.
NASA Cover-ups
has covered up conspiracies since it was founded in the 1940's.  They have video tapes of UFOs that have leaked out, astronauts have video taped them from the space shuttle. 
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