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     This Page is Dedicated to the things I love. That would include my passion for cars and computers and my endeavor to combine the two.
About Me
  Well, I'm just an average kinda guy who loves the things most guys would love. The only difference is that the order of importance is not the same.
   I love cars. God only knows what I would do if I had enough money to throw around on a car. I happen to be a car freak as well as a computer genius ( not really but I don't classify myself as a geek ) and that means that if something involves a computer and a car, I'm involved in it.

   Right now I am putting all my resources into building a fully functional computer( 1 GHz at least ) which I intend to integrate into the car. This is a project that I've been wanting to undertake for over a year now. The idea came to me early last year while searching for mp3 pages. I have over two hundred CDs in my car and I thought well I have as many songs on my computer in the house. Won't it be nice to be able to play all those songs in my car and not have to worry about CDs anymore? Well I am a little beyond average so another thought struck me . Why not go the whole nine yards. If I'm gonna install a computer to play mp3s then why not have it function as a computer would. From then on thoughts kept hitting me.

   Installing a gps system would be a nice plus. Then adding my palm for connectivity. Oh why not wireless internet. With all these things going through my mind I decided to see if other people thought like I did . Well guess what, there are a lot of guys who thought the same thing and more. When I found out so much I decided that I had to accomplish this or I would not be satisfied. 

   I'm still working on this as at now. There has been one major setback for me and that was when my Isuzu Trooper burned earlier this year. That incident threw me back because I had just put all the parts for the setup in the car and was in the process of setting it up. However I was undauanted by this turn of events and decided that I would start all over no matter how discouraged I was or te comments made by my friends that it was the computer that burned the car
                                                                                                                                                               -Feb 8, 2001
The Cougar, on the other hand, I'll be getting rid of soon. It has just too many little problems. So far there is nothing major but the time it takes to have repairs done almost every other week and the costs are really getting to me. By the time I get one thing fixed something else is wrong. Everybody says I must be nuts to be doing so much to a car that I plan on getting rid of in the near future but I must have some fun and cannot wait till the new car before I start living it up. Besides who says I can't strip it off when it's time to sell it
                                                                                       - Sept. 25, 2001

UPDATE: I just bought the Toyota 4runner today and will start work on it real soon.  
                                                                                        -April 10, 2002

UPDATE: Here we go again. Another setback. I damaged my truck today. Seems the head got damaged and a couple of lifters. Now is back to the shop for me again. 
                                                                                           - May 6, 2002
My first installation was in my truck. This was a 1990 Isuzu Trooper.
This is the baby that got burned

My second installation involved my second car, a
1991 Mercury Cougar.

This Site is now dedicated to my third installation on a
1995 Toyota 4Runner
Toyota 4Runner Topsites
UPDATE: After almost two years I finally have come back to work on my page. My truck has gone through many phases and I will endeavor to guide you through the various stages I have been through. These pictures are not my most recent and my truck has changed - my interior setup at least.                                                                                                                          - Febuarary 5, 2005
Just changed to clear turn signals
These were taken 3 years ago. Actually not much has changed on the outside because I concentrate on the interior. This year I have decide to do engine mods and the exterior of the truck
This is my first interior setup. My in car entertainment consisted of a 6.5 inch Jensen monitor mounted on the dashboard and two more mounted in the headrest. The PS2 was put underneath the passenger seat and EL illuminated gauges in the dashboard.
You may notice that I have no rearview mirror. This is becaue I took it out to put a monitor in. In the process I botched the job and threw the mirror away I drove for almost 8 months without a mirror before I finally replaced it.  Preview my picture gallery to see the various changes I have documented so far.
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