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Hi, my name is Dimitri Tsalabounis. I was born in Thessaloniki, Greece, in 1945, and relocated to the US. in 1969. I lived in Cleveland, Ohio, until 1987, and then relocated to Green Valley, Arizona where I live today. All my life, since I was a little kid, I had more then one hobby, but the most of all, was for me Radios, which I am HAM these days, KD7FMC DM-41.
And the other was Pigeons
I was about 12 years old, when a neighbor of my grand mother,felt like I am ready to care a bit about his Wutas, and Donecks he had. I was allowed to feed them and take care of them, and later on, he showed me how to fly and train them, and the first thing he taught me was how to be come a good pigeon flyer, by a very simple way, by take care of them and get their trust, they have to be tame, and know you, so the birds will do what you want from them.The years went by, and when I finished high school, my father had to send me in the country to take care his agriculture bussines. The first thing was to get me some Wutas, and keep them to 1969, when I left the country, and came to the US. I had to live them behind. From 1969 to 1983, I had to move a bit,and always some thing about the areas of the houses and couldn't have any birds, on till I bought the right house in North Oldmsted Ohio. I started looking for pigeons, and the only type of a birds I found was Rollers, and Homers, which I got both family's. To the end I keep the homers to today, having many Diplomas from races I won.. In 1984, it happen some thing very unexpectible , I was writing, articles in the American Journal, when I spoted someone , in the ads, about Wutas, and with no time lost I place a phone call to the number, and in few minutes I was talking to my friend John Liagris. It happens John to live also in Ohio, and that was not a problem to visit him and after so many years I saw again Wutas to do what they know the best, from any other birds even Hawks to dive! John's birds when up, and he let them go out of site, and then put out the droppers, and from the clouds the Wutas where coming down so fast, they were living a long trail of a father dust, like a diving jet plane . I estimate the speed 180 to 200 hundred miles an hour! John Liagris import those birds from Greece, and did so, that more than a dozen times since then. Also, John helped a dozen or more pigeon flyers with Wutas in the US. and still does, he sent me some real good looking birds, and also some direct from Greece.I also bought some few birds from Paul Maywald, which have start Wutas from John Liagris also Now days, John, have two loft's one Wutas, and the other import Donecks from Greece.


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