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A shrink gives child abuse statistics and meditation techniques.
National Coalition Against Domestic Violence
Dedicated to the elimination of personal and societal violence in the lives of women and their children. Site provides resources to local coalitions and other organizations.
National Sexual Offender Registry.
Check out the people you know!!!!
National center for missing and exploited children.
Network Abuse Clearinghouse
Intended to help the Internet community to report and control network abuse and abusive users.
People to talk to , during a crisis.
National center for post traumatic stress disorder
RAAIN counseling centers , search by zip code
The rape ,abuse and incest national network. Many services available including online hotline.
Sadly Normal
One of our members web page. A brilliant site! Franki is up to date on all the laws and is working hard to change them, not to mention Franki writes books! A MUST SEE!!
Stolen Innocence
The story of one womans abuse and how she copes
Survivors Around the World
The Courage to Heal
A must have book to help heal!
To tell the truth
Simultaneous, independent events for sexual assault survivors.
Voca Homepage and links
With Vicitms Of Crime Act(VOCA) funding form OVC, state agencies within the US and US territories have established compensation programs to reimburse crime victims and assistance programs to offer victim services.
VOCA links by state, free or low cost counseling
This page is an alphabetical list of phone numbers and web sites of state administrators for victim assistance and victim compensation programs in the US. A geographic list with links to individual state reports is also online.
Voices in Action!
VOICES in action is an internation organization providing assistance to adult and adolescent victims of child sexual abuse and sexual truama. We help victims become survivors and create accurate public awareness of the prevalence of child sexual abuse , its impace, and ways in which it can be prevented or stopped through educational programs.
Witness Justice
Gives you survivor resources, legal definitions, how to report a crime, first 24 hours, about the justice system.
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