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Dear Gurel,
I understand your problem very well. If you are happy with an older man just enjoy your relationship. My first wife was older than I (about 10 years). I got some flack from my family, but I was with whom I wanted to be with. P.S. Thank you!

Good luck!
From: Ferd

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Dear Ferdinand
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Do you think that I can find a match or love on the net? I mean, can I fall in love with a guy who I speak to on the net?
From Mexico

Dear Angelica,
A co-worker of mine met a girl on the net. He traveled to her state to meet her. He came back to Louisiana to quit his job and move to be with his online friend. They got married after he moved to be with her. Online romance is very real. In fact, you have a chance to know each other spiritually and intellectually before even seeing each other physically.
From: Ferdinand


click HERE for info on this pic. I will put a later picture of her by the end of the month. This sweetie is now 5 or 6 years old, and quite a fox! Who is she?

Dear Ferdinand,
I have a girlfriend who's leaving the country for a year. She's twenty-one years old, and I'm twenty-three. She's my second girlfriend I've ever had. Should we try to stay together, or let each other date around?

Young and yearning,

Dear Young and yearning,
You sound like a pussy cat. Be a man (like me). Lie to her! Tell her whatever she wants to hear. She'll be thousands of miles away, and you're asking me what you should do? Real men like me ought to disown you from "manhood." Use your head for a change -- think!

Good luck!
Delery Gazette
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Comments: In the Forum today, if you do not need any love advice let's talk about war in Iraq. This is just a thought, because it is so important presently. There are many differing ideas on this subject. Do you think that we need to attack Iraq? What are your feelings on this subject. Post your comments to the forum. P.S...Other subjects are welcome too. If you do need some advice about your love life, shoot! Ask a question! That is why I am here.

Saturday 6:15:52am
Name: Britney
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Comments: Ferdinand, I read your book. It was a wonderful experience....From: Britney. E-mail me; I would like to read more, dreamboat!

Saturday 3:29:44pm
Name: Teep
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Comments: I just want it to be completely understood: where I'm at, and where I am!!

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Ferdinand..from chapter 4! (New Orleans): -- Spring SEASON IN LOUISIANA -- The winter is now grinding down, and everyone is gearing up for spring wear. The Gazette prays for a holy and blessed season for our flock. We will also report on any special events that may occur! We invite our readers to let us know about any activities that you might want us to report on. This Bourbon Street report lists some of the Quarter happenings. Please stop to chat in Tiopol's chatroom! Some folks have visited and had fun. So, click below and visit my youngest daughter. She'll enjoy hearing from you: Tiopol wants you to click here!
More Saints: We also thank Marie Delery and Rudy Lewis (in his special way) for spreading goodwill and love across the world and for helping many of the folks whom they come in contact with. Marie is a woman of God. Thank you Marie and Rudy!! They have touched some of the flock (each specially) in a way that we must make note of. Also, we pray for all victims of the current war. May our prays be a ray of light in the darkness that now envelops our world. My favorite from '04 (a blast from the past): The Gazette in 2004 paid a visit to the '04 New Orleans Jazz Festival. The mud and rain of last year did not seem to scare or slow down the many visiters who traversed from far and near to enjoy the fest. (God's voice has begun to touch the ears of this flock in a powerful way! He said, "I want you in my garden to enjoy the sight of the precious stones that line the way to my throne.")


     (We prayed for beautiful weather and safe travel
in '04 for Mardi Gras and the Jazz fest. Here's how
we reported it: 
     The New Orleans Jazz Fest in 2004 had some of the 
largest crowds in its history and the weather could not
have been drawn up any better. 
     Also, the Gazette made a special effort to try some 
of the "specialty" foods of the local area. We were not 
disappointed in what out stomachs were "treated" to. 

...follow me to some Vieux Carre news.

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Rev. Ferdinand

Rev. Ferdinand
P.O. Box 26862
New Orleans, La. 70186-6862
United States

Rev. Ferdinand says...

     Dear Flock: 
     A good time was had by all at the "Judgement
House" given Halloween night '04 by our friends Alan and
Michelle Delery. Alan said, "Instead of people visiting
a haunted house, we provide a similar experience at our
'Judgement House'; except we emphasize spiritual values."
The location was at Alan's church!
     Children, all of my lambs have individual needs in their 
prayers; but when we lift our prayers up together in a 
"great cloud of witnesses," the Lord exists right there 
with us. In the name of Jesus I pray right now that through 
this prayer "army" the miracles that all of us are praying 
for will come to pass. 
     The Holy Spirit is now upon us. Let us pray for any 
visitors who don't know about the flesh and blood of Jesus. 
I hope that you pray along with the rest of the flock
for spiritual enlightenment to touch all of our readers.
     I welcome you to email Rev. Ferdinand if there is a 
special request that you want us to put on the altar of the 

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