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I've always loved to watch Irish dancing. I've spent many a weekend watching friends and family compete or perform, and for me it isn't March 17th unless I see the dance Saint Patrick's Day performed in hardshoe. But it was Michael Flatley who made a die-hard fan of me. My friends, Michael is the MVP and head coach of the Superbowl of Irish Dancing! If you haven't seen Lord of the Dance or Feet of Flames, run --- do not walk --- to your nearest video store and get yourself a copy. (Of each, if you're wise!) You will not be sorry!

Michael Flatley brought Irish Dance into the limelight. At last dancers are getting some appreciation for their art. Irish dancing is as intricate as Celtic artwork, and as visually exciting as the colorful appliqued costumes that the young female dancers wear.

Flatley first became famous for his performance in world-famous Riverdance. When he left because of contract problems, another Boy Wonder of Irish Dancing stepped in to take his place: Colin Dunne. Dunne was nine times World Champion, and he reached this goal for the first time before his age was even in double digits! If you have never heard of Colin Dunne, get a copy of Riverdance the Show and give yourself another treat! Colin has now left Riverdance, but Pat Roddy has proven himself a capable replacement for Shannon Troupe.

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I have also seen Michael Edwards as the Lord, and he is a very fine dancer who is developing great stage presence. The Nolan brothers, Daire and Cian, are the most wonderful villain dancers you have ever seen! Their parents have a dance school in Ireland, and they have won a good many championships.

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I can't move on without mentioning the ladies. If you watch Riverdance , you'll see the leggy redhead Jean Butler who is just a fabulous dancer. But I have to say that in Lord of the Dance, you just don't see how extremely talented young Bernadette Flynn is! She is lovely, but I had no idea what a top-hole dancer she was until a friend loaned me Olive Hurley's video Irish Dancing Step by Step. In it, Bernadette dances a treble reel with Tony Lundon, and they both dance like the champions that they are!

If you want to know more about these shows, click some of the links below. My Irish dancing pages are about the non-famous people who enjoy this wonderful dance form. But who knows? Maybe some of the dancers will make their marks on the World of Irish dancing just as Michael has!

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