The Simpsons, the Ikari's...none were as dysfunctional as the Soumas!

- ~ - The Souma compound - ~ -

Many Souma descendants literally live in the same neighborhood. In fact, many of them live on the same block! The "Souma compound" is made up of the main / inner Soumas and the outer Soumas. The outer Souma's occupy a long, tree-lined street of houses that lead up to the main house where many of the juunishi, their immediate families and others that know about the curse live. The main house is guarded by a heavy gate and once inside, it feels as though you're in another city. Only about 50 people live in the main compound and around 100 live in the outer compound.

Inner/Main Compound
The inner Souma's live within an enclosed group of houses protected by a wall and a heavy gate. It is unclear how many homes are within the main compound, but around 50 people live there and they all know about the curse. We don't know a lot about the layout of the main compound. In the manga and the anime, we're not given a lot of information. There is a map in the manga, which I've reproduced below (the map below is not a scan.) It seems, however, that Akito probably owns the largest house because he's the head of the family and he needs all those servants to heed his every beck and call. Hatori also lives within the main compound. His doctor's office is there. He primarily treats the members of his family and probaby then only the juunishi. Because Akito is very frail, Hatori spends most of his time treating him. Haru, Momiji, Kisa and Hiro seem to also live within the inner compound. We know that Kisa lives with her mom, but, so far, there's no info on Haru and Hiro's parents.

Outer Compound
We know very little about the 100 Outer Soumas. Kana seems to be the only non-inner Souma we've seen in the manga and the anime, so there really isn't a lot of information available. We do know that the 100 Outer Souma's are unaware of the you have to wonder why they all decided to live on the same block and what they think about the Souma's that live within the main compound. It is clear, however, that these aren't the only Souma's in Japan. Many Souma's live outside of the family compound and many seem to live throughout Japan and the world (remember that Momiji's mom is from Germany). Shigure, Ayame, Yuki, Kyou and possibly Ritsu and Kagura all live outside of the family compound. Shigure, Kyou and Yuki all live on a large plot of land owned by the family (it is unknown whether it belongs to Shigure or just the Souma family in general). Ayame lives outside, somwhere. And as for Kagura and Ritsu, they're both college students so they could be living in dormotories on campus. We really don't know. The identities of the last two junishi (the rooster and the horse) are still unknown, so we don't know where they live.

 I had fun making this map ^_^. This image is NOT a scan from the manga. Please don't steal it.

- ~ - Money Matters - ~ -

The Souma's are wealthy. Just look at their homes and occupations. Hatori's a doctor, Shigure's a successful writer, Ayame owns his own store and both Ritsu and Kagura attend college. The Souma's are definitely not poor. However, it's unclear whether or not their wealth is at a result of the curse. You have to wonder why the Souma's are cursed. How did it originate? Maybe the curse is a tradeoff for the success of the family? I think it's possible that the purpose of the cursed 13 is to take negative energy away from the rest of the family. If you read X/1999 by CLAMP then this theory makes sense. Kamui's mom and aunt were "kage-nie" (shadow + offering), who took on the misfortunes of important figures in politics, etc. So maybe that's what the juunishi are. Of course, it's possible that the curse is, well, just a curse and the first Souma in the world screwed up really badly one day a long long time ago, and so now his whole family is paying for it...we just don't know.

I will say this though, the extent of the Souma family wealth is pretty impressive. We know that the Souma's own several homes throughout the country and that they even have their own onsen resort (spa/hotel)! In order to run an empire like this, you need a strong family leader and I'm not sure if Akito is it. The juunishi consider him the head of the family, but maybe his role is really one where he watches over the Juunishi plus the cat to make sure that no one outside of the family finds out about the curse. It makes sense that the cursed 13 would be taken care of because if word got out that the family was cursed, anyone related to the Souma family would be considered an outcast of society.

We do know that the people that look after the juunishi plus the cat are paid quite well for their services. For example, whenever Kyou, Yuki or Kagura destroy his house, Shigure pays for the damages from a fund set aside for each of them. Perhaps Akito is cursed as well. If his function is to monitor the cursed 13, then that means that someone else must be running the show. Is there someone else in the family more powerful than Akito? Akito's pretty young, so someone else must be directing the family's finances, etc. Maybe all the non-cursed Soumas are using the cursed 13 plus Akito and there's another chain of power we're not aware of that is directing everything?

We do know that Momiji's family is loaded. His dad owns the building where Tooru works and it seems that he runs a business there as well. In the chapter where Momiji, Tooru, Yuki and Kyou go to the Souma onsen, they get driven over there by a charter bus... Someone had to pay for that. Was it Momiji's dad? Was that bus driver actually a Souma? Perhaps the Souma empire includes bus companies as well? Maybe there's a board of directors where the Souma's that know about the curse run things from behind the scenes... OR, maybe I've been watching too much X-Files? Oh well, all we can do is wait and see if any of these issues are answered.

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