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Ahoy Mateys!!! This site be dedicated to the seafarers of the Golden Age of Piracy, both good and bad. Despite the many barbarities commited by them, pirates were some of the only people brave enough to stand up for what they believed in. For that they deserve our acknowledgement, at least, if not our respect and admiration. If there's anything you would like to see on this site, email me! By the way, while I get the irony of copyrighting a website on piracy, please do not take my pictures without my permission. Thnx!!


The Golden Age of Piracy: an Overview
Common Misconceptions
Dangers, Disease...
...And Discipline
Strategic Fights
That Infamous Black Flag
Adventurous Lasses
The Most Feared
Captain Thomas Tew's Voyage with the Amity
Cyber Ports o' Call
POTC Fanfiction
Nautical Terms
Common Expressions Of Nautical Origin

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