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I am an amateur astronomer living in northwest Colorado outside the city of Craig.
I have built my own observatory which has a Meade 16" f4.5 reflector telescope and have taken astrophotos for many years.
This site is to share those photos with other astronomy buffs. Be sure to visit my photo pages.
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Kansas Stargazer

(All photos on this page and photo page links are copyrighted by Mark Cunningham 2001. NO reproduction is allowed without permission.)
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Name: Mark Cunningham
Bought 20 years ago!
10x10 with carpet inside
Meade DS16 f4.5 Reflector Telescope
Home Built Backyard Observatory
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This is the website of Mark Cunningham. I can be reached by email at cosmicmark@ No information, names, emails, or cookies are collected or distibuted to companies or organizations. This site is only for the enjoyment, education,  and use of other amateur astronomers.  Thankyou.
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