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If you are the health-conscious consumer seeking a proactive approach to good health care, then we can assure you that complete nutrition is the best health care plan you can invest in for yourself, your family, your pets and plants.

You deserve to know what doctors, consumers, nutritionists and others already do know about a wild and wonderful food source that leads to a prosperous future for the millions of people who experience its natural healing power.

Super Blue Green Algae is the one and only superfood that supplies essential nutrients in the same proportions as our body cells require. Basically, if you give your body the raw materials that it needs to work, then your resilient system has the ability grow, regulate, build, repair, and defend itself from a host of antigens, environmental toxins, chemicals, pesticides and drugs that enter our food, air and water.

The three phases of nature’s oldest food formula for regenerating your system are:

nutrientsFeeding your body a balance of essential nutrients

toxinsEliminating toxins and waste products 

healthy youBuilding and maintaining healthy cells

How can the selection of full-spectrum products extend your health span?

By reducing stress, supplying increased energy, fighting destructive free radicals that cause premature aging and cancer, reducing hyperactivity in children, bolstering your immune system response to effectively fight infections…

We could go on and on but we’d prefer that you see for yourself.

You have a 90-day money back guarantee on all of these nutritional products...3 months to see our hardworking organic products energize, nourish and cleanse you completely!

You can now experience nutrition that works! Register FREE as a preferred customer or as a distributor with our parent company for convenient access to virtually risk-free monthly specials, products and product information. You can also contact me at or call the order line at 1-800-800-1300 with my ID# 441052.

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P.S. Take advantage of the 90-day money back guarantee and experience robust health with these naturally healing foods.

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