Claire's web site: macrame, hammocks, gourds, pine needles, clay modeling, baskets, Temari

This is where most of my work is done:
an IKEA desk crammed with tools and stuff.

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Due to the tremendous amount of spam I receive I had to close my Geocities guestbook.
If you wish to leave a message, please send me an email directly and I'll update the guestbook manually:



My name is Claire, I'm French but I live and work in Texas that's why my page is in English. After a good week of work in front of a computer I like to free my mind and exert my fingers with crafts. When I'm looking for ideas I usually start by browsing the net, so I thought I would add my contribution.

I'm planning to update this page with the different craft projects I do during my week-ends, when I can I will write a full "how-to" report so that you can try yourself if you like the project. At this point there is a full description of 3 hammocks, a simple basket, several gourd techniques, and a star pattern for a Temari.


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