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This is Bella
Bella is a Yellow Collar Mini Macaw. Mini's make great pets .Their life span is averages 40-60yrs.Their diet requirements and
emotional needs are the same as those of the larger macaws,with the exception of
caging.Ideally,you should buy the largest cage you can afford. The bigger the cage, the better is the rule as for any bird. Their bare facial patch is traversed with fine brown feathers,while the under surface of they're feathers is yellow.The're good talkers.Some are know to be nippy but what bird isn't once in while.
I love playing peek a boo, and I will dance when you sing  a song and let's not forget daddy's jokes (I love a good laugh).

Bella loves going out with us, but to be on the safe side he wears his birdy harness and his wings are clipped. Here he has chosen our pumpkin.
Should we let him do the carving?
Citrin Cockatoo's
This is Molly, she came to us as a rescue bird, she loves showing off when given the chance. She always says (give a kiss) and makes a kissing noise.She is potty trained and loves being around people.
         Mullican Cockatoo's
My Name is Venus I am a Mullican Cockatoo
I am the largest of the Cockatoos .I am one of the sweetest babies my mom has.I am 13yrs.old but have only been with my new mom for 3yrs.now.I was a plucker and didn't like the food I had so mommy took me in and I'm forever greatful.I share her with 3 other Too's and let's not forget the dogs (I love eating their food when I have a chance,) I love to play fetch with my toys and I'm a great excape artist.I love to chat up a storm when it's my bed time but I don't think mom minds.
To see more of me click my picture
  Parrot   Rescue
           This is a rescue home  for birds.

We do not breed or sale our birds.
   Our birds have come to us for many reasons
   either plucking or just needing to be rehomed .

   We have birds from :
      Cockatiel's to Cockatoo's and a Macaw,Conure .
   We have a loving home envirment
    where the birds come first in our lives.
   There is always someone there for the birds.   
    If you are looking to place your bird please email us.
   We are in the Montreal,Quebec Area.
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