Hi, my name's Ceri. I hope you enjoy your visit to my page
This page is really an excuse to show off my photographs. I'm not going to use it to justify or explain my transvestism, nor will I be offering any advice(I hate receiving it, so it's very seldom that I give it).
I've not included a biography as most of us girls have very similar stories, and I don't feel that I have anything new to add. It should suffice to say that I began dressing sometime around my thirteenth birthday, kept it a secret until my thirtieth birthday , came out, moved and have lived reasonably happily ever since. You will find a section called "adventures" (now updated), where I'll be writing about my excursions into the wider world. Or you can take a peek into my "wardrobe" to see what I'll be wearing.
I've a guest book if you would like to leave a message, or you can get in touch with me by mail. I'd love to hear what you think of my site, any constructive criticism will always be welcome(Like do my shoulders look big in this?).

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