My name is Thelmalou and I am a liver-spotted dalmatian. I was born July 4, 1997. I am on the far left . Next to me is Annie, a border collie mix, and next to her is PD. On the far right is Kramer. Click on our small pics to see our bigger pics

Thelma Annie


May 1985-

Sept. 8, 1999



Mom loves Annie, Kramer, me, but wants people to know both dalmatians and border collies are quite active and we need lots of attention. We are not breeds for everyone. Make sure you research our breeds before you make a decision. You can go to our links page for help, and link to a dalmatian or border collie site for info. Remember, always spay or neuter your pets unless you are a breeder of champion dogs used to better the breed; there are lots of dals, border collies, and mixed breeds in rescue, so please check there and give a wonderful dog a second chance at life. Your local animal shelter can be a great place to get a great pet. Never buy from a pet store or a backyard breeder.

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