Carrill System
Reavers' Deep 2330

Name UWP Bases Trade Code
Primary Carrill A5 III
1 YS00000-0
2 Y300000-0
8 YS00000-0
4 Y420000-0
5.2 A0009AE-E N As In Na
6 Small Gas Giant
8 Y100000-0
15 YS00000-0
30 FS0013C-E M Mi
55 G33022G-D
200 Y301000-0
8.4 Small Gas Giant
9 G810361-E R Re
7 Y300000-0
45 Y300000-0
10 F200261-D
50 Y100000-0
11.7 Small Gas Giant
1 YR00000-0
8 Y200000-0

Allegiance: Carrillian Assembly (Capital)
Travel Code: Amber

Base Codes:
N - Naval Base
R - Research Station


In 517, tensions between various interstellar states in the Drexilthar and Fahlnar subsectors threatened to break out into interstellar war. A series of conferences hosted by the Imperium began at Round Table, an asteroid in the Carrill Belt, backed by threats of immediate economic sanctions against all parties. In 519, the result of these conference was the Articles of Assembly, with the asteroid Capital designated the new capital.

The Belt is home to 6.8 billion people and contains 32% of the Assembly's industrial might. The Assembly's largest naval base is also insystem.

For much of its history, the Carrillian Assembly was an Imperial ally, although in the last 20 years, the Assembly has drifted toward declared neutrality. The assumption of 'extraordinary emergency powers' by High Justice Dalreem in 1108 has meant increased government interference into the daily lives of Assembly citizens. In Carrill, the number of Peacekeeper forces has quadrupled, incidents of invasion of privacy and rigid control of all citizens has become the norm. Thus, the entire system was declared an Amber Zone.

And then, in 1124, Solomani forces, under the command of Admiral Chin, swooped into the Carrill System and shot up everything they could lock weapons onto. Casualties are estimated at over 5 billion, and the survivors tended to grab any ship they could wedge themselves into and escape to such places as Grendal, Rintarna, and the Gralyn Union. The Naval base was a total loss, as well as nearly destroying the civilian shipyards as well. Further strikes in other systems of the Assembly removed it as a functioning interstellar polity, reducing it to a handful of planetary systems inhabited by increasingly xenophobic and hostile people.

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