Sarrad System
Reavers' Deep 2129

Name UWP Bases Trade Code
Primary Vanadarr G4 V
1 Y000000-0
2 Sarrad D88A300-8 Ni Wa
45 Corlone F740320-7
4 Small Gas Giant
1 YR00000-0
6 Y620000-0
10 Y100000-0
12 Y100000-0
40 Y100000-0
5 Small Gas Giant
8 YS00000-0
13 Y100000-0
6 Small Gas Giant

Allegiance: Carrillian Assembly

Traveller Classification: Amber


Sarrad was a thriving Carrillian colony world until the Disaster of 1107, when its 3 million people died in the failure of the main undersea colony surrounding the starport. The cause of the failure is unknown. Rumours abound, blaming everyone from Ildrissar Black Dawn attack cells to High Justice Dalreem himself. The official story is that a computer controlled failsafe misfunctioned, openning the main submarine locks.

Dakaar Metals offered to help rebuild the colony in 1110 in exchange for rights to exploit minerals throughout the entire system. This offer was accepted, and work began in 1111. The new colony is scheduled to take place in 1127. A small construction shack is on Corlone, Sarrad's moon, solely owned by Dakaar.

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