Tharrill System
Reavers' Deep 2128

Name UWP Bases Trade Code
Primary Drathler G0 V
0 YS00000-0
1 Y421000-0
10 Y100000-0
2 Y000000-0
3.3 YS00000-0
4 Tharrill C885741-9
5 Anatar E797000-0
6 Large Gas Giant
2 YR00000-0
6 G555763-8 Fa Co
11 Y221111-8
40 Y411132-8
7 Large Gas Giant
4 Y300000-0
6 Y300000-0
8 Y700000-0
9 YS00000-0
10 Y500132-8
12 Y430000-0
25 Y431000-0
8 Y300000-0
9 YS00000-0

Allegiance: Neutral


Although settled from the Carrillian Assembly, Tharrill has never joined it, prefering to stay a quiet agricultural backwater.

Settled at the same time as Tharrill, Anatar suffered a severe biological catastrophe in 922, the Red Plague. The Plague was one of the most devastating diseases in human history, with over a 90% fatality rate. The few survivors bearing terrible scars for life. If the victim can survive 48 hours after the onset of the disease, they will survive.

The original survivors were medevacced to orbital stations around Anatar for quarantine. These stations have been purposely crashed onto Anatar to help contain the disease. It is rumoured that a starship attempting to escape Anatar crashed on the planet carrying a cargo hold full of priceless artworks. Two expeditions have tried to confirm and recover this shipment. Only two members of the second expedition survived.

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