Grendal System
Reavers' Deep Subsector 2127

Name UWP Bases Trade Code
Primary Hopewell G3 V
0.8 Wolan GS00220-A M Mi
1.6 Grendal C889855-A S Ri
9 Mira YS00000-0
12 Cora YS00000-0
40 Lantra YS00000-0
4 Elson Large Gas Giant
1 YR00000-0
3 Kima YS00000-0
4 Wolon Y400000-0
35 Palar Y430000-0
55 Conjat Y200000-0
65 Wenai YS00000-0
5.3 Nazzani Large Gas Giant
3 YR00000-0
4 Culanth YS00000-0
5 Khendra G840225-9
8 Wembtai Y200000-0
9 Cholonz Y223265-9
11 Lemtal Y300000-0
30 Minsha Y520000-0
6 Jorald Y520530-A S
2 YR00000-0
4 Mololoi Y400000-0
8.8 Y000000-0
10 Flamage Small Gas Giant

Grendal was first explored named, and settled by Dr. Charles Abercrombie, a scientist from the Principality of Caledon, about 750 years ago. Grendal is almost Earth-like in gravity, climate, and most other factors, though with a much greater atmospheric pressure at sea level and far more extensive oceans. Grendal was colonised within two years of its discovery and surveying.

Grendal is named after the world's most fearsome lifeform, the grendal. These fierce amphibians grow up to about 300 kilos, and mostly live in the shallows down to a depth of 6 or 7 atmospheres. They can come up on land, but tend to be clumsy in doing s o. They are mostly nocturnal, and are usually only seen for a few minutes at a time, if that. There is little known about their habits and natural environments, since they tend to stay away from noisy watercraft and eat the occaisional individual diver.

Grendals and colonists live in an uneasy balance, the grendals occasionally raiding a settlement and the colonists shooting back as necessary, but not going out of their way to make trouble for the creatures. This has tended to make fuller exploitation of Grendal a bit slower than would normally be the case. A few groups have begun pressuring the government for a more agressive stand against the grendals in order to open up undersea farming and mining colonies. Since Grendal is mostly shallow seas brok en up by island archipelegos, this step will have to be taken as the population increases.

Most of the industry on Grendal centers on fishing or tourism. The natives are mostly friendly, except for the occaisional hermit on a small island or catamaran in deep waters. The deeper waters are also home to the cecil, a rather tasty mammal whose me at is much in demand in Ambercrombie, the capital, and beyond in the subsector. Cecil meat tends to spoil rapidly, though, so fresh-caught specimens must be either eaten or frozen.

Since Chin's Raid in 1124 against the Carrillian Assembly, several thousand Carrillian expatriates have settled here, taking asylum and citizenship on Grendal. The latest wave of immigrants brought with them the remnants of Carrillian technological know-how and are expected to become a leavening influence on Grendal's technological base. The headquarters for both the remnants of Carrillines LTD (renamed to TransDeep Lines) and Outworld Partnerships LTD have both relocated to Grendal following the destruction of the Assembly.

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