Morgan System
Reavers' Deep 2038

Name UWP Bases Trade Code
Primary Ibenjadt M0V
0 Lunden Trail Y-000660-7
1 Mosill Large GG
3 Cleon Y-300000-0
5 Al'Boci Y-100000-0
8 Frostbite H-777000-0
9 Solice G-400000-0
2 Hata Y-200000-0
6 Dobijadt G5VI
0 Gribble Y-100000-0
1 Morgan D-659677-5 Ni
2 Mite Small GG
3 Bibi Y-401000-0

The Lunden trail is a narrow belt close to the primary and dwarf companion. It is believed to have been a moderate-sized world that was shattered by a close passage of Dobijadt, which is in an orbit with 0.05 eccentricity. About 23,000 people live and work in the belt, which is high in metals and was one of the major exports to Lanyard from this system. With The Solomani pullout eliminated the major source of supplies needed to survive in the belt, and it is currently being abandoned.

Frostbite, in the primary system, is an icy world with only a small partial pressure of oxygen (effectivly rated at "trace" for breathing purposes), the remainder being nitrogen and other neutral gasses. Most of the land surface is locked in ice, and this world could be quite habitable if terraformed. The remains of a small expedition base, left over from the days of colonization are here but not in the greatest of shape.

Morgan has the greatest population of any of the four colonies, a result of a high birthrate and nearly constant immigration which had been pushed for by over five generations of the Morgan family. Most of the usable landmass is in the southern hemisphere.

The major population center, Morganport, on the northwest coast of the southern landmass, includes the spaceport and is the center of government and trade with a population of 1,345,000 in the city proper and another 1,450,000 in surrounding suburban areas. The cultural center of the world is Westpoint, a port city on the westernmost subcontinent, on the west coast, with a city population of 300,000 and a surrounding population of 150,560. The remaining population is scattered more or less evenly on the landmasses.

In the decades before the Solomani pullout, Morgan's government had bloated, becoming distant from both the people and Solomani influence. The Solomani pullout caused great hardship as Morgan was a major importer of technology. In 1122 Lanyard tried to enforce an official joining with itself, in effect trying to take the place of the Solomani, but due to cultural differences and several social blunders on the part of the LDO commanders, the local population and government resisted. The Lanyard forces made a half-hearted attempt to use force, damaging Morgan's limited industrial centers, but it was decided by the Lanyard Central Council that there was no gain in the proposition and Morgan was left to itself.

The general population has taken on a slightly xenophobic bent as a result of this fiasco, to the point of breaking up into scattered areas under individual rule where even strangers from other areas are viewed with suspicion. This was due largely to to the small scattering of supporters of Lanyard's attempt. Even to this day small cores of support exist, but given current attitudes they are very hard to find.

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