Drinsaar System
Reavers' Deep 2034

Name UWP Bases Trade Code
Primary Keldar K5VI
0.2 Drinsaar C-885665-7
10 Ponsaar G-S00560-6 Co
45 Lamasai G-200000-0
3.5 Fridaar Small GG
11 Rollik Y-620000-0
13 Pindaar Y-514000-0
15 Mekaan F-300230-6
40 Qirnaar Y-S00000-0
3.8 Larinaar Y-647000-0
3 Ring Y-R00000-0
10.0 Widmar M5VI
0.4 Vrellic Small GG
0.9 Yiskan Small GG
2.0 Pelniir F-312362-6

Historically notable as the former sub-capital of the Iltharan Empire, Drinsaar was converted into a garden-resort world catering to the elite of the Carrillian Assembly. The world is also the site of several government-owned agricultural combines. Access to the world is restricted due to the Rebellion and the war between Daibei and the Solomani Confederation, and it is rumored many Assembly elites sent their families there to ride out the war.

Drinsaar was passed over during Chin's Raid in 1124, having no Naval bases or other military assets worth mentioning. Several hundred thousand refugees from Carrill settled here after the Raid destroyed Carrill. Although temporarily militarily strong from the influx of a portion of the Peacekeeper Home Fleet, Drinsaar is quite unprepared to maintain these ships, and will doubtless be forced to turn otherwise useful starships into system defense boats and hangar queens as they break down. Drinsaar's intrinsic low technology level and lack of heavy industry are seen as insurmountable problems for the near future in keeping these ships flying properly.

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