Lanixohn System
Reavers' Deep 2033

Name UWP Bases Trade Code
Primary Kirasawa M0VI
0.7 Lanixohn A-789973-D M Hi
1.9 Moishi Y-861000-0
3 Kreiger F-403541-D Mi
9 Worland Y-502101-C

During the Imperial Era, Lanixohn enjoyed a certain amount of prosperity, although not as much as might have been expected. As a consequence of it's "tense political situation," brought on by the presence of no less than 17 political nations, the TAS had declared Lanixohn an Amber Zone, an event that impacted negatively on the local economy. This lagging of interstellar trade served to escalate national ambitions, with the nations of Parundia, the Maskopet People's Collective, and the Barshus Concordium maintaining an uneven balance of power, supporting brush wars and police actions in many of their satellite nations instead of conflicting directly. Technically part of the Carrillian Assembly, only Parundia enjoys Assembly membership. Due to the high level of technology spurred on by the long running 'Cold War', even the Assembly treads lightly here.

This balance was not to hold, however. In 1123, the Barshus Concordium seized access to the planet's orbital starport facilities, up until that time a target declared neutral by unanimous treaty, and technically Assembly property. Due to pressing problems elsewhere, Assembly Peacekeepers were unavailable to interfere. Ignoring a near planet-wide outcry, Barshus imposed limited starport access to the rest of Lanixohn's nations. As a consequence, scarcely three months later, the Maskopet People's Collective launched a massive orbital strike, detonating no less than three nuclear devices in near-Lanixohn orbit, wholly annihilating the starport.

Stationfall marked the beginning of a new phase for politics on Lanixohn. Massive, unilateral warfare erupted. Many smaller nations found themselves wholly engulfed by their larger neighbors. Previously sacrosanct civilian enterprises found themselves military targets. Industry and technology rapidly suffered. Trade and commerce, lacking any rallying point after the nuclear destruction of the orbiting facility and airstrikes against the ground-side facilities, dropped to virtually nothing. And then Chin's Raid in 1124 finished off what was left of the Assembly Navy base and all groundside starports classed B and above, leaving the battered natives to slide down into barbarism.

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