Drellesarr System
Reavers' Deep 2029

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Drellesarr is a small tidal-locked world occupying an unusual orbit between two dim red suns. Ordinary dayside temperatures are uncomfortably, but not intolerably, hot. Because of the mechanics of the orbits of Drellesarr and Ladarr, the second star of the system, every planetary year sees temperature extremes occur. In the Time of Burning, average dayside temperatures are around 40C. The Time of Two Suns sees temperatures drop to the normal average temperature of 33C.

Colonised in the era of the Reavers, Drellesarr was originally founded by the great Reaver warlord Blackjack Duquesne as a refuge for his raiders. The colony on this harsh and desolate world has never been very large (even today, it numbers only about 800,000), but it has endured despite its less than ideal setting.

Drellesarr has little to offer - no spectacular mineral deposits, and an environment unalbe to support life as we know it - in short, nothing to support the colony economically or in any other important way. But the colonists on Drellesarr have supplemented their meager birthright with intelligence and determination, and have kept alive some old traditions to keep their colony flourishing.

Drellesarr is a Freeport - in every sense of the word. A lawless wide-open frontier community, the colony serves as an open port where repairs, alterations, and improvements can be performed on visiting starships, equipment legal or illegal purchased, goods marketed, all with no questions asked.

The visitor to Drellesarr can buy or sell amost anything, with few restrictions, and fewer hassles. A Psionics Institute is openly maintained on this world, for here beyound the bounds of the Imperium, anti-psionic attitudes are less prevalent - though not entirely forgotten - and the people of Drellesarr are tolerant of anything which attracts business.

Naturally, a penalty is paid for all this freedom. Drellesarr's lack of law enforcement (or of laws to enforce) has made the world a dangerous one. Citizens and visitors alike are aremed, and nothing prevents anyone from using these arms to kill over the pettiest offense or dispute. Drellesarr is officially listed as an Amber Zone, and visitors are urged to be polite, tolerant, and very, very careful

On Drellesarr, lack of tarrifs brings down the cost of most services. Generally, prices on starport maintenance, repairs, and other services are 25% lower, with occasional exceptions. Goods and services of an illegal nature (illegal on other worlds, that is) are available as well, though the prices are not likely to be quite as low. It should be remembered that many of the items obtainable here will be stolen, hijacked, or pirated - no guarantees are made to protect buysers from the consequences of purchasing such 'hot' merchandise, should the original owner turn up later.

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