Lanyard System
Reavers' Deep 1938

Name UWP Bases Trade Code
Primary Ember M5VI
0 Mallen Small GG
3 Ring Y-R00000-0
6 Mallen A Y-300000-0
20 Mallen B Y-200000-0
40 Mallen C Y-S00000-0
1 Ash-Wescott Small GG
2 Ring Y-R00000-0
3 Ring Y-R00000-0
7 Fandi Y-100000-0
9 Whispe Y-310000-0
2 Lord Ornado Large GG
1 Ring Y-R00000-0
5 Naride Y-100000-0
6 Shevia Y-200000-0
7 Sinthia Y-610000-0
8 Samantha Y-400000-0
9 Yolanda Y-400000-0
40 Alim Y-400000-0
45 Olam Y-380000-0
50 Gerrard Y-441000-0
60 Prentice Y-310000-0
13 Jashala M0V
0 Lanyard B-89A530-A Ni Wa
1 Willi's Belt Y-000000-0 As
2 Smidgen F-100463-9 Ni Va

The worlds of the Lanyard Diamond were first explored in 982 by Capt. Jacobb Lanyard while he was a member of the Confederation Scout service. Upon his retirement in 992, Lanyrad contacted Kyle Morgan, a wealthy noble and businessman. Together they began to organize the "Diamond" project (Lanyard handling the logistics, Morgan working with the Solomani government for the proper permits and charters, as well as the primary backer). In 984 they were joined by Dr. Marie Ceytle and Professor Solomon Horste, both of the University of New Havaland (Magyar 0902) who coordinated and provided biomedical and technical support.

Upon reaching the cluster of systems, Lanyard and 3,000 colonists chose a major equatorial island chain on RD1938-II-0 as their colony. The Solomani left the worlds pretty much to themselves until 1008, where they started to take more interest in the cluster as a forward point in the deep. This heavy interest peaked at 1056 and dropped gradually since then to the the current date where the Confederation has only a token presense in the Cluster. In 1119 the Solomani presence in the cluster was removed as needed forces were drained off for use in other areas.

The primary system has to this date been ignored, although about 46 prospectors and support people were once involved in operations in Ash-Wescott's metallic inner ring. These operations ceased around 1123 as Solomani support was drained away from the cluster, leaving the inner system empty. Olam's and Gerrard's atmospheres are composed of methane and ammonia and are not breathable. Willi's Belt has a population of about 2,000 prospectors, space jocks and support personnel trying to scratch out a living in the metal-poor belt.

Because of (cynical citizens of other polity worlds tend to say "in spite of") Capt. Lanyard's scout connections, Lanyard received a good degree of support from the Solomani Confederation and thus enjoyed more technical benefits then other worlds of the Polity. With this support came more fingers into Lanyard's operations, so while there was quite a bit of "Colonial Spirit", there was also a great deal of Solomani loyalty as well. In the years leading to the 1119 pull-out of the remaining Solomani forces, the Lanyard governors had slowly altered the colonial contract in regards to the filling of important positions, which had not disturbed the Solomani due to the general appointment of Solomani to those positions. In 1120, the Central Council enacted emergency clauses in the contract and appointed important Lanyard citizens to fill the now-empty spots. As of 1125, the Central Council is still the primary governing body.

The loss of Solomani support in 1119 sent shockwaves through the society, but due to careful planning by the Central Council there was very little effect, other then the loss of imported technology. In the past decade, Lanyard has strived to bring itself to the level of Solomani imports, and as a result faired pretty well with the loss of external trade. The Lanyard Defense Organization made a halfhearted attempt to bring the other worlds of the cluster "officially" under it's banner, but after a particularly bad series of incidents at Morgan, and due to other troubles at home, has largely limited itself to Lanyard. The Central Council has also deemed that the LDO continue readiness training in any event.

Lanyard has a breathable atmosphere with an obviously high average humidity. Plant life in the seas produce semi-toxic compounds as a bi-product, most of which is absorbed into the seas. During storms, however, the churning waves increase the concentration of these compounds in the air to dangereous levels. During storm periods the inhabitants must wear special filter masks or remain indoors in pressurized buildings. This condition was not originally know on landing, the scout expedition headed by Lanyard having arrived during an unusually calm season. Lanyards (the polity term for the inhabitants) originally were unhappy with their choice, but given the otherwise rich hydrosphere have stuck it out. Lanyard citizens have hence gained a polity-wide reputation for sheer bullheadedness in sticking with unpleasant situations.

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