Horste System
Reavers' Deep 1937

Name UWP Bases Trade Code
- Berlin F5 V
0.2 Vilhelm Small GG
1.0 Karlsbad Y-620000-0
1 Ring Y-R00000-0
2.1 Horste D-767551-7 C6 Ag Ni
3 Faust Y-400000-0
3.6 Koenig Large GG
5 Schroeder Y-540000-0
8 Klein Y-340000-0
9 Ziest Y-500000-0
10 Kroener Y-650000-0
11 Hertzger Y-510000-0
5.3 Yalta Y-500000-0
5 Lauer H-400000-6
6 Buechler Y-420000-6
7.5 Dresden Small GG
10 Marolf Y-603510-6
25 Zeigler Y-100360-6
30 Burggraf Y-536232-6
7.5 Wolf Small GG
9.5 Stuttgart B2 V

Horste is the breadbasket of the Lanyard Colonies. Possessing a mild climate with little axial tilt or orbit eccentricity, Horste grows most of the food consumed in the Colonies. Its fishing industry is second to only Grendal's in production, its bluekelp sold subsector-wide as the starting point of synthetic food sources. Bluekelp is also digestible in its unprocessed state, making starvation on Horste relatively unknown.

Approximately 100,000 Chirpers, or immature uncasted Droyne make their home on the North Continent, living a lifestyle barely removed from the Stone Age. Due to the relative amount of fertile land not inhabited by the Chirpers, and the low human population, the Chirpers are left pretty much alone, as they don't interfere with agricultural operations.

There are two Trojan gas giants, Dresden and Wolf. There is a small mining colony on Zeigler, second satellite of Dresden.

Horste is also a prized retirement colony for Lanyards who have had enough of industrial life.

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