Rintarna System
Reavers' Deep 1933

Name UWP Bases Trade Code
Primary Wolvram M0VI
0.2 Rintarna B-887A99-D Hi
0.9 Saffron Small GG
10 Skeeter Y-S10000-0
14 Parma Y-502200-D Mi
17 Ventar Y-110000-0
40 Luran Y-S00100-C
1.5 Kriegshorn Belt Y-000123-D La Mi
2.3 Maranthon Large GG
3 Ring Y-R00000-0
7 Scrapyard Y-S00101-C
9 Felger F-S00543-C
10 Treffen H-401002-C
20 Gamagay Y-200160-C
35 Wirrin Y-100000-0
45 Lepton H-434012-C
55 Sorville G-522220-D La
2.8 Vorlak Small GG
3.8 Chelkar G-200140-D La
4.2 Zima Y-939000-0
10 Etanay F-435300-C

Originally colonized by Solomani during the Interstellar Wars, Rintarna has tended to remain aloof of formal interstellar political ties. It has sizable system defenses but no offensive fleet to speak of due to an extreme scarcity of lanthanum in the system. Officially, this seems to be why the organized raiders that plague Reavers' Deep and Daibei in the 1120's pass Rintarna by.

Unofficially, it is known that quite a large portion of the pirated goods found their way to Rintarnan markets, after very flimsy laundering at nearby freeports. In the early '20's by a combination of luck and good judgement, it also managed to acquire the services of several starmerc bands and a number of repairable warship hulls. With this new navy they are able to keep important trade routes to Rintarna open as well.

By 1125, Rintarna had the strongest economy of a single-system polity in the Deep, its piastre increasing in value against other local currencies, and becoming *the* hard currency of choice. Its high technology, augmented by Carrillian technology transfers after the fall of the Assembly, also make it a port of choice for refits, and while certificates of spaceworthiness issued here are given a jaundiced eye over most of human-held areas in the Deep, they are nonetheless accepted throughout the Deep.

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