Cassandra System
Reavers' Deep 1924

Name UWP Bases Trade Code
Primary F0 V
0 YS00000-0
1 Y401000-0
10 YS00000-0
3 B000538-C Ni As
5 Large Gas Giant
4 YR00000-0
5 Y200000-0
6 YS00000-0
12 Y6B2407-B
30 Y335000-0
6 Large Gas Giant
1 YR00000-0
6 Y300000-0
7 Y100000-0
10 Y200169-B
12 Y310000-0
35 Y100000-0
50 Y520000-0
8 Large Gas Giant
3 Y500000-0
7 Y200000-0
8 H400269-B
45 YS00000-0
65 Y200000-0
9 Small Gas Giant
7 Y21023B-B
13 YS00000-0

Allegiance: Non-aligned


The Cassandra Belt won its idependence from Dakaar Corporation in 1086, following a general strike against unsafe and unsavory working conditions. Dakaar soon found that attempting to force its will among widespread and transitory workers was not cost effective. The current government is a direct descendant of the original miner's strike committee, now called The Ten. Only one original member is still alive. Although most Belters tend to prefer things fairly loose, there is little or no opposition to the Ten. Cassandra Belt has turned into a solidly prosperous independent state under their rule.

An excellent law enforcement organisation is maintained for starport and settlement security at Rockport. The police force generally maintains at least twenty patrol ships throughout the Belt, ready to respond to distress calls and other problems. They are particularly on guard against illegal attempts by Dakaar Minerals to 'poach' inside the belt. Mining claims are rigorously enforced.

Although a steady producer, the Belt has never seen any major strikes. Its independence has been rumoured to depend on it continuing to fulfill the various contracts of the Imperium.

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