Marion System
Reavers' Deep 1832

Name UWP Bases Trade Code
Primary Connard M5VI
0 Marion C-7B4352-A Lo Ni Fl
1 Spec Y-S00000-0
2.0 Wayne Large GG
1 Ring Y-R00000-0
2 Ring Y-R00000-0
3 Ring Y-R00000-0
5 Ethan Y-674352-A Lo Ni
6 Dylan Y-100000-0
30 Micron Y-S00000-0
40 Minara Y-400000-0
3 Lefkhez Y-531000-0
7 Morritz Y-S00000-0
4 Lemming Small GG
5 Zigfried Small GG

Marion is a world with a corrosive atmosphere that was the source of a number of valuable organic compounds. It was originally organized as a feudal technocracy. The recession threathened to make it impossible to maintain the technology needed to survive on the planet, but a company that employs everybody on the system is being formed with Rintarnan backing. The trade with Rintarna will enable the inhabitants to buy the equipment and maintanance spares they need.

The Marions maintain an R&R base on Ethan, a more liveable world than Marion even with its tainted atmosphere. The Board of Directors of the Chartered Marion Company LTD maintains control with exactly the same laws and customs as on Marion itself. Planned are an updated spaceport for easier travel to Marion, but this is waiting for the expected influx of money from Rintarna.

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