Banff System
Reavers' Deep 1831

Name UWP Bases Trade Code
Primary Akron M5VI
0 Banff C-516310-A Ni Ic
1 Prior Large GG
1 Ring Y-R00000-0
6 Prior's Mote Y-300000-0
8 Herzel Y-100000-0
10 Batyam H-431000-0
20 Aldous E Y-100000-0
30 Jed-Gee Y-300000-0
35 Mafee Y-200000-0
40 Finch Y-300000-0
60 Yossi Y-300000-0

Banff was originally surveyed by the Third Imperium in the mid 400's, having been passed over by almost everybody else in the Deep. Although lanthanum was discovered on it, its commercial usefulness was limited until the Nakatomi Company of Collin's World founded a mining colony in 994, shortly before the Solomani Rim War. However, Nakatomi was thoroughly dependent on Imperial contracts, and went bankrupt in 1120 when the Federation of Daibei pulled back to the old Imperial border. This stranded the miners. They formed a provisional government and are hanging on, but are not expected to last much longer without an influx of cash and technology spares. Currently, the Provisional Government is trying to cut deals with the Gralynites and the Rintarnans. So far, the negociations are still underway.

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