Daken System
Reavers' Deep 1830

Name UWP Bases Trade Code
Primary F3 V
0 YS00000-0
45 GS00111-8
1 G411160-8
2 YS00000-0
4 Daken C630233-9 Lo Ni Po De
5 Small Gas Giant
9 Y300000-0
6 Large Gas Giant
5 Y510000-0
6 Y556000-0
9 Y640000-0
7.2 Y410120-8

Allegiance: Non-aligned


Daken is a hot, dry world with temperatures too high for humans to survive except near the poles. No-one would have bothered with it except for the discovery of goldsand, a desert lifeform similar in evolutionary status to Terran coral. Goldsand colonies spread over large areas of the erg deserts, using chemosynthetic processes for energy. Goldsand is highly prized as a spice. It also has pharmaceutical applications, and is an important ingredient in some types of slow and medical slow drugs.

Harvesting goldsand is dangerous. Colonies spring up, grow with great speed, and are scattered by the fierce sandstorms common on Daken. Individual parts of the colony may survive to start a new colony in a new location. THus, to harvest goldsand, crews must get to it soon after it forms and before a sandstorm blows it away.

Goldsand is also the main food source for sandrollers, small animals who are dangerous to humans because of their poisonous spines. This makes harvesting goldsand doubly dangerous, as a goldsand colony is sure to be infested with these little (25 kg) critters.

The starport is in the South Polar region, founded about 125 years ago. There are about 750 permenant residents. Major corporate interests include Dakaar Corporation and SuSAG. Dakaar has been trying to corner the market on goldsand, but so far has been unable to pull it off.

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